Little Giant Steps--Neurodevelopmental Innovations

by L. Burrows

Our adopted daughter was 12 years old when she joined our family. She had never been to school! After homeschooling for over 16 years, I was confident that with one-on-one instruction and time, she would learn. The weeks went by and she hadn't retained much of the phonics and basic math.

We had read of other homeschoolers' success with the individualized program their children received from a neurodevelopmentalist at Little Giant Steps. We made an appointment for our first evaluation.

It was difficult at first to find the right schedule for teaching her and her two sisters. We now have a routine and try to accomplish the daily activities. Yet, we allow ourselves freedom to allow time for whatever interruptions God allows into our lives. She is able to complete some activities on her own while she depends on us for the bulk of her program. I spend about three hours, one-on-one with her daily. It is spread out, over the day, in two minute activities. Most activities are done twice each day.

I did some online searching and discovered that the monthly cost of our program is less than the cost for a family of five buying movie tickets, popcorn, pop and candy! We know the program cost is a greater investment for our family than a day at the movies.

After over one and half years on program, C is reading, as well as doing basic math. She now retains new info and can recall later. Her motor skills are greatly improved as well as her social skills. We are committed to taking her as far as she can go to reach her potential that God designed just for her.

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Thanks for the encouraging story and for recommending Little Giant Steps to others. I am positive your review will help other families who are homeschooling struggling learners. Blessings, Heather :)

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