Learning Hebrew Can Be Fun!

by Annie

My kids love to learn Hebrew

My kids love to learn Hebrew

We've been using materials from Sarah and David for six months now. My children, aged 4 (preschool) and 6 (first grade), can recognize the Hebrew letters and are enjoying themselves!

The basis of the program is the "Aleph-Bet Story" book and CD. Each letter has a story that explains its appearance and sound. One of our favorites, for example: "'Hey' has a broken leg" which tells you that Hey has two "legs" (vertical lines) but one doesn't touch to the top of the letter (a shorter horizontal line.)

Each week, we learned one new letter. We also used Sarah and David's "Aleph-Bet Activity Book" and "Aleph-Bet Workbook" to reinforce the new letter's shape and sound, learn a few words that featured the letter, and learn to write the letter.

The best part is it didn't take any time out of our school day as we learned it while listening to the CD and driving in the car!

We are now ready to move into the "Sarah, David and YOU Read Hebrew" books. There are five and they teach the child to put letters together to make words and sentences. I am excited to begin the next step!

Thanks for your review, Annie, I have never heard of these materials before. Sounds like a fun way to learn Hebrew!

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