Learning Adventures- History Based Homeschool Unit Study Curriculum

by mswhitney

Middle School Homeschooling Unit Studies

Middle School Homeschooling Unit Studies

Learning Adventures is a wonderful homeschool unit study curriculum. It is a history based, 4th -8th grade curriculum that includes Literature, Language Arts (which includes, but not limited to spelling, grammar, writing, etc), Science, Fine Arts, Bible and of course History.

It is very affordable and many of the books needed, can be found in the library. The curriculum uses hands-on learning as well as other types of learning. It is setup so you know what you need to do daily, which you can make work for your family.

I think the only thing I didn't like about it is the fact that I felt I had to supplement the English, but even in that I made it work for my family.

I am going into my second year of using this curriculum and would recommend this to anyone interested in doing some type of unit study.

Hi "mswhitney"! I too used Learning Adventures with my two oldest when they where in middle school – we absolutely loved it! Such an easy-to-use unit study curriculum for middle school; I highly recommend it to others! Thanks for sharing, Heather :)

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