Learn to Fly an Airplane - Free Flight!

by Heather

On the second Saturday of June every year, EEA Young Eagles hosts International Young Eagles Day at various local airports. Children, ages 8-17, can learn about becoming a pilot and fly in an airplane for free with an experienced volunteer pilot.

This year International Young Eagles Day is June 11, 2011!

During each flight, the pilots demonstrate how airplanes fly and the proper preparations for a safe flight. After a short introductory airplane ride, each Young Eagle receives a logbook to record their flight experience. Young Eagles also have access to a free EAA student membership; a free online pilot training course; the opportunity to earn a first flight lesson and access to flight training scholarships and awards.

The Young Eagles Fly for Free program is open all year round, but you need to contact a local coordinator in your area to set up your flight.

Adults who are interested in aviation also have a chance to take a complementary flight on the third Saturday of May every year, called Learn to Fly Day.

Just as the Young Eagles program introduces the world of aviation to children, Learn to Fly Day allows EEA chapters to share an introductory flight experience with adults.

Over 170 local events are scheduled (not all events offer free flights though, so make sure you check). This is great family field trip opportunity, although the day is geared more towards adults.

The Learn to Fly dates for the next few years are:
May 21, 2011
May 19, 2012
May 18, 2013

Learn more about Young Eagles Fly for Free Program or find a Learn to Fly or Young Eagles Day near you. Just FYI... a local airport near me is hosting a Young Eagles event on June 11, but this event is not listed on the EEA calendar. So, if you see a Learn to Fly Day event near you, check their websites to see if they are also hosting a Young Eagles Day.

Download a Free Learn to Fly ebook to learn more about becoming a pilot!

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