LDS Homeschool Curriculum: The Four Year Plan by Kindred Learning

by Tori

LDS Homeschool Curriculum Review

LDS Homeschool Curriculum Review

Latter-Day-Saint Christian perspective curriculum. I love the way this LDS homeschool curriculum works!

There are four guides that rotate after four years. This saves money in the long run! It has plans for all grade levels up to grade 12. Even the little kids! You can use the same guide for all levels at the same time! Each level group is geared towards elementary, middle school, high school. There isn't a math program (I like Math-U-See).

Year 1 Going in Circles
covers: History- Ancient History
English- English Foundations
Science- Chemistry
Scriptures- Old Testament, Pearl of Great
Year 2 Family Jubilee
covers: History- Modern World History
English- Family and Personal History
Science- Biology
Scriptures- New Testament
Year 3 No Place Like Home
covers: History- Geography
English- Communications
Science- Earth Science
Scriptures- Book of Mormon
Year 4 Filling Our Lamps
covers: History- United States History
English- Analysis and Opinion
Science- Physics
Scriptures- Doctrine & Covenants

Years 1-3 run at $19.95
Year 4 runs at $24.95

This is a comprehensive LDS homeschool curriculum! There are so many activities your kids just CAN'T get bored. Everything ties in together. Every month is outlined with each week separately outlined. For each month there are projects for each week and recipes to go along with the months theme. They even outline a beginning of the year party and one for the end of the year. They have field trip suggestions for each month, movies and my personal favorite, reading books.

Each guide has it's own extensive reading list. The list ranges from pre-reading to High School level.The Ebert's have tried very hard to make sure that most all of the reading books are readily available at your local library. What they find hard to find, they sell on their site. The system is intended for Little Schoolers (pre-k) through High School.Each month has plenty of lesson helps and anecdotes to help you through the month. Pictures, they have lots of pictures of their homeschool co-op doing the projects, plays, experiments, parties etc.

This curriculum is based on the Latter-Day-Saint religion and does focus on scripture reading from all books of scripture. I suppose if one did not want to use that part of this curriculum it would still be a great program.

My kids enjoy the projects and helping to plan the parties. I have used this program for the past 3 years and am on the last guide in the system. I'm glad that I can look forward to using the same books again next year. Of course my reading books will change along with reading levels in my household, but all the main books are here! How cool is that!

Very informative review, Tori! It will very helpful for others looking for a comprehensive LDS homeschool curriculum program. Blessings, Heather :)

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Aug 06, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: Dan

I have been looking for a good home school learning curriculum for my child and by the descriptions about the curriculum, I think it would be the best option I can opt for him. Anyways, it was so helpful for me.

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Sep 30, 2015
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Nov 03, 2015
Great post NEW
by: jimmy

I have read the post,you have mentioned about a book which is very helpful in learning.I will buy it soon.
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Aug 11, 2016
The four year plan NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the books and really love them. We are starting to follow them in our own way this year. I have met a few of the Ebert family and really look forward to using the four year plan.

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