Keystone Homeschooling Questions

by Seren
(New Mexico)

I am in 10th grade at a public school & I'm switching to keystone homeschooling. My mom sent my transcript in today and she is supposed to call the guy tomorrow. I'm just doing the online school, so I don't need any materials. How soon can I be taken out of regular public school to do this one? I absolutely hate my regular school & I am so far behind. It's making me miserable & I can't wait it switch! Does anyone know how long the whole enrollment process will take? Is there a way I can start now or ASAP???

Hi Seren,
It sounds like you are really excited to start your Keystone homeschooling journey! :) I checked the Keystone website and found an entry with this info:

"Once we get a student's transcript for evaluation, you can expect a phone call back within twenty-four hours from a Student Representative."

And from their FAQ's:

"If you are taking online middle or high school courses, you may begin exploring your course as soon as you receive your password from us (Keystone) — normally a couple of days from when you enroll!

If you are taking high school correspondence courses, you can start your studies as soon as your materials arrive through the mail - generally in fewer than 10 days."

As far as being taken out of public school, your mom can begin the process whenever she wants. She can notify and take you out anytime, but will need to submit a form to the Secretary of Education within 30 days. You don't have to wait until your Keystone Application processes, unless you want to, or there is something else preventing you from doing so (I don't know your whole situation).

You can find the form on the New Mexico Public Education Department, as well as other important NM homeschooling requirements.

Heather :)

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