Keeping the Goal of a Fuss-Free Homeschool Classroom

by Kellye

To keep our homeschool classroom running smoothly, each morning we sit down together and decide what needs to be accomplished.

The goal might be four math lessons, three chapters of a book, a history lesson and science. We write down those things and "reward" ourselves after each task.

After math we might play basketball on the driveway.

After my daughter reads, she tells me about those chapters while we eat together. History deserves a swim or walk around the block with the dog!

After science we might watch the Science Channel for a while or look up science things on the computer.

We like to listen to educational tapes of famous composers or learn Spanish while in the car or gardening.

I like to let my daughter look up recipes she might like to try, so we can comparison shop for the ingredients and cook them together once a week. It can be anything from a full meal to a good recipe for brownies.

She tries to finish all of her schoolwork by the time the public school kids get off of the bus, so she can play outside.

Everything gets accomplished, fuss-free!

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