Kamana For Kids Review

by Kristina Smith
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Kristina Smith

Kristina Smith

Are your kids tired of homeschooling worksheets? Take a break with Kamana For Kids – a hands-on homeschool science program...

When I started homeschooling, I found so many options for basic science but nothing really peaked my daughter's interest until I found Kamana For Kids. Kamana is a junior naturalist training program that helps your kids appreciate and become more aware of all the life around them. It takes "Lost Child of the Woods" one step further and actually immerses your child in the wonder of nature. Your child learns through storytelling which is such a wonderful way to learn because they don't even feel like they are learning. After a vigorous day of worksheets, it is nice to just take a break and learn something while hearing a story.

The books are $25 each but you can get all 4 for $80 and save some money. It is a little expensive but the lessons they learn are so worth it.

It is for ages 12 and under. Once a child is 13, they can start doing the regular Kamana program through Wilderness Awareness School.

One thing that is so nice about nature and learning through nature is that it can be expanded and you can add in math lessons, writing lessons, reading lessons etc. all under the same umbrella. That is why I love Kamana for Kids.

Thanks for the Kamana For Kids review, Kristina! I appreciate the time you took to share this resource with others; I have never heard of Kamana For Kids before. I will take some time to check it out! Blessings, Heather P.S. What a sweet little girl you have! :)

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