K12 Online Home School Review

by Phoebe Kao
(San Jose, CA, U.S.A.)

Second grade student loves K12 online home school program! Read her mom's review of this popular online schooling option...

I have enrolled my 2nd grader (girl) to K12 home school. After one month of trying, she is very satisfied and happy to work on those online courses. She also joined a group of kids to study science, art together once a week.

The K12 online course are really interested, my daughter especially in love of French learning.

K12 has a much more rich curriculum compared to the local school district program. The science, history, and study islands are extra and fun. We are lucky to find this program and hope to share with you.

Thanks for sharing your K12 online home school story, Phoebe! Other parents looking for a public school alternative will find your comments very helpful. Blessings, Heather

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Comments for K12 Online Home School Review

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May 31, 2012
by: amoeba education

Good option those who wants to study at their place.

Sep 23, 2015
by: Jennifer

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Oct 04, 2015
K12 Online Home School Review NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 08, 2015
Review! NEW
by: Susan Fernando

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Oct 24, 2015
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Oct 27, 2015
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K12 Online Homeschool Curriculum

by Ginny Fahl
(Corpus Christi, TX)

K12 Online Homeschool Curriculum Review

K12 Online Homeschool Curriculum Review

K12 online homeschool curriculum eliminates homeschooling hassles! No planning, no prepping, or record keeping helps this busy mom enjoy school-at-home success...

We've used K12 online homeschool curriculum for nine years. We started with Kindergarten and are now to 8th grade.

I like K12 because I don't have to do the prep work (lesson plans, finding books, etc). Each lesson is spelled out daily for me on the computer. With all the busyness of our lives, I need all the help I can get with schooling. Plus, I don't worry that I'll forget to teach something important, or something that has to be built upon for the following year(s).

K12 also keeps up with all our grades, so I don't have to worry about that aspect of home schooling, either. With multiple children being taught (3), this is a good curriculum.

We can choose to go into more depth with the lessons, or we can take the basic facts that are given and move on as we feel our kids have understood the concept.

Because K12's online homeschool curriculum is approved by William Bennett, I trust the materials to be good. We've not had problems with our materials. And our children have scored well in the achievement tests.

K12 isn't the cheapest curriculum, but it's definitely worth the price.

Thanks for the great review of K12 online homeschool curriculum - a welcome option for busy families. Finding resources that help maximize your efforts and your time are well worth the investment. Too many stay-at-home parents, especially money-saving moms do not put proper value on their time. We need to remember, we either spend with our money, or spend with our time. Some have more money, some have more time; both need to be valued and budgeted properly. Blessings, Heather :)

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K12 Online Orange Math Curriculum Review

by Heather Koenig
(Fishers, IN, USA)

Homeschooling mom shares some benefits of K12 online math curriculum. Read her review to learn more about this online homeschool curriculum...

I have been using the online school from K12 for three years now. I personally love their Orange Math series.

I have found that the explanations for solving problems are some of the easiest for my daughters to understand. My oldest daughter is in second grade now and she is able to run some of her lesson material online by herself and then we go through the book materials together to check her comprehension.

We use all of the K12 curriculum for her subjects. In general, I feel that K12 challenges my daughters as their subjects present more advanced grade level material. A child will rise to a challenge and K12 provides that challenge.

I also like that K12 sends me materials needed to teach each lesson. At the beginning of the year I get a box full of math teaching aids such as solid wood shapes, gram blocks, practice clocks, etc as well as art supplies and book material for language arts and history. Those are all included in the pricing which, as online schools go, is very reasonable.

To check out the curriculum, go to www.k12.com. We currently take History, Math, Language Arts, Art, Music, Science, and Spanish but there are so many other options to choose from. K12 makes my job so much easier!

Great review of K12 online curriculum, Heather; thanks for taking the time to help others! Blessings, Heather :)

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K12 Online Review

by Franki Cummins
(Carrolton, Ga, USA)

Mom and home educator of 5th grade son shares her K12 online success, even though she didn't graduate high school; read her encouraging story...

This is our first year homeschooling and to be honest I was scared. I did not graduate high school. Instead I had pursued a GED and have had no college education so I felt uncertain if I was even capable of giving my son a proper education at home. I have been frustrated with the local public schools in our area and as a single mom couldn't possibly afford a private school. We chose K12 online because it would keep him on track with what he is used to but also allows for my son to move at a pace that is comfortable for him. Everything was explained in easy to use terms. There were great tutorials and I have to admit I'm learning a little something new each day myself. I love this program because it allows us to be close and diminished the worry of what will happen to him if something goes wrong at school. Definitely have peace of mind now.

Thanks for reading,
Mom and home school educator of 5th grader.

Awww... I LOVE your post! You may be a single, working mom without a high school diploma or college education, yet you are successfully homeschooling your son - way to go, Franki! Thanks so much for sharing such an honest and encouraging story - it will definitely be helpful to other parents (especially single, working mothers) who are unsure if they should, or can, homeschool their child successfully because they didn't graduate high school, have no college education, or work full-time. It sounds like you found a perfect fit with K12 Online! Blessings, Heather :)

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More posts on single parent homeschooling...

A single mom shares her concern when homeschooling an active child.

Single mom says, "Help! I'm a new homeschooler!"

Single homeschooling mom of three shares an ACE curriculum review and helpful dyslexia resources; read her inspiring post.

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K12 Online School and Curriculum Review

by Karie P
(Colville, WA)

K12 Online School Review

K12 Online School Review

Our family had LOVED using the K12 online school and curriculum. I tend to be fairly unorganized and K12 does so much of that for me. There are daily and weekly lesson plans all ready for you. They even tell you about things you need to start preparing in advance for upcoming lessons like planting a bean seed for a science lesson next week.

We have used the program for three years and am so glad it was available. I started with my son in 2nd grade and my daughter in 5th. The younger child does have to spend more time with the actual computer and mom but so many people make it out to be that the kids just sit at a computer for their entire day. It's just not so! We still have textbooks and workbooks and lots of worksheets.

It was also quite easy to take along supplies to do most lessons while away from home even without computer access. We lived 40 miles from town and for most of one school year I had prenatal appts; with the K12 online school program the kids could still do most of their days work while we drove back and forth and they were able to actually SEE the ultrasound firsthand.

My favorite part is that we can use it for free! With the public school option we can choose to be fully enrolled or keep homeschool status and only enroll to "99%." Without the public school option I just don't think we would be able to keep the kids home. It also keeps me accountable; I can't put off the schoolwork because I don't feel like it either :)

With the K12 online school its also very easy to keep track of the kids' progress. It is broken down by subject and let's you know both the percent complete and the number of lessons left and completed. We printed the progress in percentages each month and marked our goals for the month. It made it easy for the kids to see that they really were getting somewhere and they could tell when they needed to work harder to make their monthly goal.

All in all, I would recommend K12 online curriculum even if you are unable or unwilling to use the public school option.

Great review of the K12 online school and curriculum! Thanks for sharing the benefits of this popular option; others will definitely find your experience helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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Comments for K12 Online School and Curriculum Review

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May 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

K12 IS NOT WORTH YOU TIME OR MONEY. It is absolutely horrible, I got a better education at one of the worst public schools in America. The times the teachers are available are very inconvenient. It is also too much work and very hard to understand. For most of my classes all I do is right essays. The communication is horrible. I rarely here from my teachers. Students often get over looked. You also can't work at you own pace, if you don't understand something, Stinks for you! Your screwed! The cirriculum is also out dated and innacurate. It also has numerous spelling errors, its pathetic. You might as well grade your childs work, because thats all the teacher do!


-Student at K12 (former)

p.s. because of my year at k12, I was not able to get into college because of what it did to my GPA

Oct 07, 2014
K12 horrid NEW
by: Anonymous

We just started K12 in about a month out I noticed the textbooks are horrible with political correctness, you know science has businesses are bad for water environment, history Conquistadors were murders etc. It has common core laced in it. My son is doing the language and vocabulary and the assessment looks like college material for 5th grader. Today, it looks like they teach too much and they get away from the basics, and that is getting the math down, reading, writing, etc. The education in this country now is bewildering and pathetic. Liberals just screwed it up badly. Like I said the books put together by K12 are not user friendly and then we got our books a month late. Very unprofessional.

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