K12 Online Glitches and ACE Homeschool High School Questions

by Laurie Kelsay
(Vancouver, WA USA)

Home educator shares K12 online glitches and asks some ACE homeschool high school questions...

My sophomore had a very tough freshman year and this year we switched to k12 online and its worse. He has done the work 2 times and they still have no record of any work submitted in 2 classes and he is failing the other 2. I need a solution to getting him through his sophomore year. I am hoping to do the ACE paces. Do they offer them for high schoolers? If I can get them right away he could work through summer and be ready to start his Junior year. Please help if you can. Thanks, Laurie

Hi Laurie,
Wow, what a tough time you are having! I am so sorry about the glitches you experienced with K12 online program - that's so disappointing.

Yes, ACE paces are available for grades K-12. I have never used them, but know many homeschoolers who do. They are similar to AOP Lifepacs. If your son started now, he could complete them and be ready for his Junior year. You can go as fast or slow as you need.

I would suggest that you mark/check his work each day, so that you can keep up with what he is doing. You will also see where he is making mistakes or doesn't understand a concept fully. You can then take the extra time needed to focus on that area before moving on.

Like AOP, ACE offers diagnostic tests. Diagnostic tests show exactly where your son fits with a certain curriculum. Utilizing ACE diagnostic tests will help you know exactly where your son should begin. If he has already covered material in K12 and did well, he may not have to redo the topics he has already mastered again with ACE. You have the flexibility of only purchasing the paces you need, instead of purchasing a whole course just to review a few concepts that he is struggling with or needs to complete.

Wishing you much homeschooling success,
Heather :)

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