K12 International Academy

by Jamon L.
(Arlington, TX)

K12 International Academy was the absolute worst decision I have ever made in an online home school. My daughter went there for three years, for 5-7th. The first two years we didn't have any contact with any teachers at all. Then her third year, the contact we did have from the teachers was how bad she was doing, or them accusing her of cheating. Occasionally they would ask if she needed help. When she asked for help, they just confused her even more, or didn't have an answer to her question. My daughter went from a straight A student to a failing student, by the time she was done at k12.

When we first registered with K12 International Academy, they said they would hold her back a year because she was behind. I don't get that. That should have been the red flag warning right there. Instead, I gave them a chance. She also got behind at the start of the year because their system acted up. I kept calling the 800 number to get this handled but they couldn't help or do anything. This was their tech support. Which was a joke. They couldn't find anything wrong with their system. I was calling everyday for a month.

We talked to her English teacher about an assignment we didn't understand. So instead of her explaining she deleted all of her work she had done. She had to start her assignments all over from the beginning. They basically called my daughter stupid when she was accused of cheating. They said there was no way a kid her age could get the punctuation that correct. I guess they don't think kids her age are smart. She was given too much work during the day that doesn't even count towards her grade. Only her test scores are counted towards her grade. Instead of them taking time out of their schedule to teach the material that they put together. They expect the parent to teach 100% of the work. When most of the work the parent doesn't understand because the teacher makes it complicated to teach. They can't even answer questions to their own material.

One of her teachers wouldn't even grade the papers my daughter turned in several times. She just kept saying she didn't get them. When she finally did get them she would only grade one paper at a time. She purposely missed the last week of school so her students couldn't turn in any of their work. All the work my daughter did and turned in they gave her two incompletes for math and English. Though at the beginning of the semester she had B's in those classes. By the end of the year she had two incompletes and the rest of her grades were d's.

Her science teacher put a project on her syllabus to complete at the end of the year. She didn't give any descriptions or instructions on what to do. When my daughter asked her teacher, she said the instructions were in her syllabus. That wasn't true. It's stupid that you have to talk to the teachers every month, when they don't care whether you pass or fail. They don't even have time to grade the assignments. Then you have to talk to the homeroom teacher almost every week when she doesn't even do anything. She always has to talk to someone else then get back to us. She never has an answer for anything.

I don't even understand why these people get paid. Every time I told the teachers why she was behind, all they said was she needed to get caught up, do at least two to three assignments a day to get caught up, along with all of your other daily work as well. It was just too much for my daughter to handle. She did her best to get caught up.

They wanted to put her in a remedial math course for the next year, so I decided to put her back in public school. I have been trying to withdraw her from k12 International Academy, but they have been giving me the run around for two weeks. I finally got through today, and they gave me a website to get her transcripts. I had to pay to get her transcripts. All the money we paid for her to go to school there, I shouldn't have to pay for her transcripts. I am just hoping she is not going to be put further behind when she goes back to public school.

I am just so frustrated with k12. I won't recommend K12 International Academy to anyone. It is the worst school ever. The work load is ridiculous, as well. If I could I would give this school no stars. This school was such a waste of time and money. I am going to do everything I can so that this doesn't happen to someone else.

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Aug 06, 2014
K12 International Academy Disappointment
by: Heather

Thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience with K12 International Academy. It seems like you and your daughter experienced one disappointment after another; I feel your frustration! Your post will help other parents decide if using this online home school option is the perfect fit for their child or family. Thanks for the taking the time to help others!

Aug 06, 2014
A parent with K12 praise
by: Anonymous

I'm the mother of a high school student with at a K12 school located in our state (Hoosier Academy). I have to say, if you had concerns or questions about the education your child was receiving, you should have removed her from that situation sooner rather than later.

That said, I do believe that non-traditional schooling and especially, virtual school, is not for every individual. It takes a very motivated parent to act as an advocate for their child and also a very motivated child to complete the work.

When I have had issues with a lack of communication between staff at K12 and escalated the issue to the principal, the issue has more-or-less been resolved. The other side of that is there are genuinely caring staff (at Hoosier Academy, I can name at least four teachers that deserve the highest praise for teachers in any school environment) who simply go above and beyond teaching students, the majority of which are probably not suited for an indepedent learning environment and/or do not have the adult support needed to excel.

Aug 06, 2014
Re: K12 Praise
by: Heather (site owner)

Well said! I totally agree - online homeschoolilng is not for every child. The same is true for any program, really. Thanks for sharing your thoughts; I appreciate it!

Apr 29, 2015
The school is not entirelly at fault.
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am sorry to say this, but you must admit that the main failure here is yours (no offense), how come for 2 years you did not have contact with teachers? Were you even interested in your child schooling? No wonder she started to fail... and now you are trying to find a reason for it and the easiest is to accuse the school.

I did take some good points in your case as well and thank you for sharing as I am in the rocess of choosing a school for my children.

Jun 13, 2015
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Oct 05, 2015
They said there NEW
by: Jason Castro

They said there was no way a kid her age could get the punctuation that correct. I guess they don't think kids her age are smart.

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