K12 Homeschooling

by Brenda

K12 Homeschooling Review

K12 Homeschooling Review

We love K12 homeschooling curriculum. Before this we used other curriculum that was tedious, uninteresting and just hard to deal with. After starting K12, I have noticed that my son is more interested in doing his school work, I don't have to push prod or beg him to do his work, he finishes faster during the day than he did before because he is engaged, and he loves what he is doing.

He finds Science and World History fascinating, what 14 year old says that these days? He tolerates Literature and has found some of the Algebra a little challenging but once he gets it, he is off and running. I like that he can work ahead so that he can have a longer summer, as long as he works the normal amount of hours that is required. He can take off a week for vacation with us, as long as he has worked ahead or works a little more when we get back to catch up.

The subjects are clearly separate, the online portion is very easy to navigate and it takes no time for me to decide what I need to do to prepare for the next day's lessons. It is also very easy to log in and mark his attendance and if he needs help, it is there for me to just ask for it. I also like the fact that they are so technology based. I feel like K12 is the company to be with for the future because they are right there with the changing technology and keeping up with the various new operating systems, etc. I truly believe my son wouldn't be scoring so advanced on his benchmark and other tests without K12.

We do get a little tired of having to travel so far for Benchmark tests with K12, but from what I understand, we could have to travel even further if they didn't have so many testing sites. Other than that, I believe that this is a wonderful company that truly cares about the kids and they way they are all individuals who want to learn and to be able to stay home to learn. If you are looking for a good home based learning program, look no further, you won't be disappointed.

Hi Brenda!
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with K12 homeschooling curriculum, and why you love using this program with your son. Your comments will be very helpful to other parents considering K12 for their family. I appreciate the time you took to help other.

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