K-12 Homeschooling Success

by Shirley
(Rome, NY, Oneida)

Another K-12 homeschooling benefit = early graduation; check out this success story to learn more...

We home-schooled our daughter from 4th - 12th grade using various online material sites. There is a vast amount of material out there if you have the time to search it all out by topic.

Our daughter got into college at 16 years old and finished her Associates Degree by 18. As this has been a tried and true way to get what we need we are currently using the same K-12 homeschooling curriculum online.

Thanks for sharing your K-12 homeschooling success story, Shirley. Early graduation is yet another wonderful benefit to homeschooling. When our kids work hard and are motivated, they can reap some sweet rewards - like finishing high school ahead of their peers and starting college early! If you could share some of your favorite online learning websites, that would be helpful to others. Blessings, Heather :)

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