K12 HomeSchool Curriculum Review

by Michelle
(Washington, PA)

K12 HomeSchool Curriculum

K12 HomeSchool Curriculum

Easy-to-use, advance at your own pace and 24/7 support, K12 homeschool solution offers families just starting out many no-cost benefits...

We love K12. The curriculum is easy to use and we can go at our own pace. My family just started using K12 this year for my oldest daughter who entered kindergarten. What I like most about it is easy to use, is phonics based, and we can go at our own pace. It is also well researched and has 24/7 tech support. For us it is free because we are using K12 through Agora Cyber Charter School in Pennsylvania. My best cost cutting tip is to see if K12 offers a cyber school in your state. We get a computer, printer, free curriculum, $105/3 months for internet access, free black ink refills and great materials. LOVE IT!

Thanks for sharing why you like K12 homeschool curriculum, Michelle! Wishing you many blessings, Heather :)

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K12 Homeschool Review: First Grade is Great!

by Rebecca D.
(Clovis, Ca.)

California mom says, "K12 First Grade is great!" Read her K12 homeschool curriculum review to find out why...

We just recently started the homeschool journey. I pulled my first grader out of school in the middle of the school year. I was worried about starting in the middle of the year, but with the K12 system, it was really easy.

They didn't rush us into beginning work right away. We had almost 2 weeks time before we really started our lessons. It gave both my son and myself time to figure out our new routine. They supply everything we need, even the computer.

He really enjoys school now and is learning so much! His anxiety level has been greatly reduced and he looks forward to school in the morning. They have allowed us to tailor the program to fit our unique needs and that was really important to us.

Since they provide all the materials, the cost to us has been minimal. It's a great way to start if you're unsure about the entire homeschooling process and how it works. My son is six and he's loving every minute of it!

Congrats on your decision to homeschool your son, Rebecca! Thanks for the helpful K12 homeschool curriculum review, too; your thoughts are greatly appreciated. I'm sure many other parents can/ will identify with your story. Blessings, Heather :)

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K12 Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Melissa B.
(NE Georgia, USA)

Our family uses K12 Independently. I love it! I have been using K12 homeschool curriculum for 3 yrs. I started my oldest on K12 when he was Kindergarten age and we now are in 2nd grade. When my youngest gets to the Kindergarten level, he too will be started using this curriculum.

K12 is rigorous, challenging, but fun for your child. K12 really gives the child "Core Knowledge" that is needed for education. When we finish with each lesson, there is assessment test after each lesson. Once your child takes the assessment after the lesson, the next day or even at the end of the week, you know whether or not your child really mastered what was really taught by you and the assignments given. If the child did poorly, it tells you what areas the child needs to go back over and get extra practice in.

K12 has been so helpful with my busy schedule. I don't have to worry about coming up with lesson plans for each subject each week, or month, it is provided on the "OLS" (Online Lesson Service). Yes granted, you have to pay for this service for each month, BUT it is well worth it! It is well worth the money, knowing my children will be getting a good base "core knowledge" of education!

K12 is little costly, but what homeschool curriculum isn't? Can you really put a price tag on your child's education? Yes, don't get me wrong… we all love "cheaper the better", but you learn to hunt for bargains on auction sites and there is also a K12 used-curriculum site so you can save money on the books and materials.

Just my two cents, I hope this helps anyone struggling with their current homeschool curriculum they dislike, or would like to try something new for the new school year.

Happy Homeschooling :)

Melissa, your review of K12 homeschool curriculum is definitely worth more than "two cents". I think its very helpful and informative; thanks for the money-saving tips too! Happy Homeschooling to you! :)

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