K12 Homeschool Program

by Kristen
(Beaver Falls, PA, USA)

We found K12 homeschool program online and have been pleased with the curriculum overall. The children are able to keep a pace that is on course with expectations and their level of learning has surpassed expectations.

We have used the course for three years and have not wanted to change the curriculum. The grades we have used it for are the second through fifth grade, with two children using the same program.
We like most that we have the flexibility to get the education we hoped, as well as pursue other education that would typically not be available to children at this age, mostly cultural and language areas. We've found it to be an affordable option for our family, especially since the other option we looked into was private school and that was very expensive.

Some cost cutting tips that we have are to share books with others who are using your curriculum in your area, as well as with other children in the family.

We'd like to use this curriculum to go all the way through the home schooling program, if possible, as we like the pace that the children are on. I was nervous about homeschooling, at first, because I was unaware of the programs that were available to families. It turns out there are several options. We chose this one because of the way in which it was laid out. I feel it is very similar to the curriculum I followed when I was in public school. One
level easily branches from the previous. The children are self paced type kids and enjoy learning by this method, as opposed to the pressures and personalities they encountered in public school previously. They tend to be mild mannered and were somewhat lost in the shuffle of overly active children and children needing extra help with their learning. I didn't want the kids to go through school with very little input from teachers, due to their soft spoken natures.

There are other children in the area that are are using the K12 homeschool program and the parents are also very pleased with the results. Their kids are above the level of knowledge, as shown in the scores for our state of Pennsylvania. They are better prepared to join in with the curriculum of the public school system, as two of the families have their oldest children join the public school system in their high school years. I'm glad that there are counselors available for me to speak with, should I have trouble helping the kids with some aspect of their school work. there are a lot of options available, out there, and we chose the one that is right for us.

I appreciate the time you took to help others learn about the many benefits of the K12 homeschool program! Thanks also, for including some helpful, money-saving tips! Blessings, Heather :)

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