K-12 Homeschooling Curriculum Gets Thumbs Up... and Down!

by Sandy Marquez
(Amelia, Ohio USA)

The Good & Bad of K-12 Homeschooling Curriculum

The Good & Bad of K-12 Homeschooling Curriculum

I have been using the K-12 homeschooling curriculum for three years. It is a comprehensive curriculum but I feel it is very segmented. They offer a lot of activities/practice for the students, however if you are trying to combine subjects it is difficult to do with their curriculum.

K-12 is definitely not a themed-based homeschooling curriculum. It does, however, cover needed skills if you’re worried about preparing your children for achievement testing. If you have multiple children you can blend their science lessons, as long as they are only a year or two apart in age. Anything more than that the curriculum is too different to blend or teach multiple kids together.

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K 12 Virtual Homeschooling Curriculum Review

by Leesa Burkholder
(Sidney, Ohio, USA)

Virtual Homeschooling Benefits

Virtual Homeschooling Benefits

K12 virtual homeschooling curriculum provides this concerned mom a way to school her sons at home, and enjoy many perks of government-funded education. Read her review...

I have been using K12 virtual homeschooling curriculum with the Ohio Virtual Academy going on three years now, to home school my sons, ages 15, 14, and 12. They offer fun interactive lessons, complete teacher resource guides, student guides, and oodles of materials! I am so encouraged by the progress and fluency that my boys have had with this material.

K12 has an abundance of, and a wide variety of curriculum available. You can purchase the curriculum or use one of the virtual homeschooling academies listed on the site. I have used their 6th through 9th grade curricula.

If you use the Virtual School structure you get your curriculum, materials, and computers at no cost to you. I also have bought a few of their courses for summer school use, and found the cost manageable if planned for. It may be a little pricey, but comes completely ready-to-use with its teacher guides. When you figure in the cost and the materials you are given for that price, you find that you get a really great deal for your money. I absolutely love this curriculum!

Leesa, thanks for sharing about the K12 virtual homeschooling option through the Ohio Virtual Academy, and the success that your family is experiencing. Although some traditional homeschoolers are opposed to public e-schools, many parents, as you testify, are grateful for this school-at-home option and its many educational perks. Wishing you continued success, Heather :)

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Apr 07, 2011
by: Becky

Your post is very helpful. Thanks.

Dec 19, 2011
Thanks! NEW
by: Heather

I truly appreciate your comment. I am seeking information on K12/OHVA for my child. I understand why some feel it's not necessarily "homeschooling" and I respect that, but for me it's abt having them with me and understanding an appropriate curriculum. So for now, it's a start in giving me confidence in educating my own children. It's a bit difficult to detox our thinking away from the standard form of education, but I think for now, it's a beginning. Then, when I see how well it goes, I'll incorporate my own ideas! ;-) Not that that's impossible to combine the two.

Thanks again!

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K-12 Elementary

by Kimberly Moore
(Bloomfield, IN, USA)

Homeschooling mom of 10 shares why she uses K-12 elementary curriculum for her youngest five (three of whom are in second grade)...

I have 10 kids ranging in age from 20 months to 25 years old. My two oldest are graduated home school students. Now I currently have three 2nd graders, one 3rd grader, and one 4th grader. We have used A-beka, Switched-on Schoolhouse, and many other curriculum over the years. We are currently enrolled in k-12. It is a free, I repeat FREE curriculum. I absolutely love it and best of all it is accredited. I would urge everyone to check it out!!

Wow, Kimberly, you certainly do need hassle-free homeschool curriculum! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about K-12 elementary curriculum. Blessings, Heather :)

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