Just a Few Homeschooling Questions

by Andrew
(Houston, Tx)

Homeschooling Questions

Homeschooling Questions


Just a few questions. So if i sign my son up with this program, he will not have to go to any co-ops, and its still accredited? How does that work? Do I have to send the work into y'all?

Hi Andrew,
Can you tell me what homeschooling program you are referring to? I write about many options.

Complete homeschool programs - ie programs that contain everything you need for the entire grade, usually don't require additional classes to be taken. When you purchase a complete curriculum package/grade, you should have everything your child needs to complete the work required for that grade. You can choose to take enrichment classes at a co-op, etc., but that is up to you.

Not all programs are accredited; accredited homeschooling means that the program or materials that have been approved by a third-party. Accreditation is an entirely voluntary process and doesn't mean the materials are better than non-accredited curriculum.

No, don't send any work to us; we just provide information on different homeschool curriculum, services and resources. :)

Hope this helps!


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