Juilliard and Aerospace - Homeschooling Worked For Us!

by Marcey Walsh

Homeschool Socialization Fears? Ummm.... No!

Homeschool Socialization Fears? Ummm.... No!

Our biggest problem when beginning to homeschool was engineer Dad who wanted quantitative data to prove it worked.

How did it turn out? Our daughter is graduating from Juilliard this May; our son is married and finishing Masters in aerospace... I think it worked!!

Keep on keeping on. Home schooling, like breastfeeding ends EVENTUALLY on its own, but the incredible love and bond only gets better! LOL


Thanks for sharing, Marcey! Great proof that homeschooling works. I agree, sometimes dads/husbands can be the hardest to win over. Kudos to you and your amazing kids!

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