Jacob's Algebra Home School Math Curriculum

by Beth P.

Home School Math Curriculum Review

Home School Math Curriculum Review

We used Jacob's Algebra home school math curriculum for our 8th grader when she was ready to start algebra. We found it to be very accessible and the concepts explained very well. Real life examples are used, and there are a number of exercise options that allow the student a number of different opportunities to practice newly learned skills. They even have a challenge in each lesson so kids who pick things up easily will be challenged to use the information in new ways.

We chose Jacob's over several other options including Saxon and Singapore. We have used both Saxon and Singapore home school math curriculum for different children and a variety of reasons, but Jacob's seemed like a better fit for this student. Teaching the concepts as they were presented was very simple. Sometimes teaching something you have not studied in a while can be daunting, but Jacob's made it easy to understand for the student, and made parental recall simpler as well.

The cost of Jacob's is comparable to most other books at this level, roughly $100 for a hardcover text and answer key. We did not purchase separate tests as we figured the reviews given within the book were sufficient. We also tend to create our own tests for each student by using equations from the book. For example, if they are to be testing on lessons 1-10, we will pick several equations from each lesson and write those into a test. We often have our children skip some of the questions in each lesson and those are the test questions we use. This saves us money on purchasing a separate test booklet and answer key, along with saving the space for storing two more books. :-)

The humor presented in the book still makes our daughter chuckle (a few years later), and we are hoping it will do the same for our son next year. The lessons learned stuck well due to the presentation and humor, and since the end goal is to have a working understanding of algebra...Jacob's home school math curriculum succeeds.

Excellent review of Jacobs Algebra home school math curriculum, Beth! I love the details you provide as well as your money-saving tip. Blessings, Heather

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