Chicago & Illinois Homeschool Expo

Each year, Illinois homeschool families and curriculum vendors descend upon the Windy City to enjoy a two-day Expo devoted entirely to the display, sale and discussion of educational materials by the best Christian, secular and specialty publishers.

New homeschoolers, classical homeschoolers, eclectic homeschoolers, unschoolers and everyone in between will enjoy this huge homeschool convention.

Whether you are just beginning to test the homeschooling waters, or you've been homeschooling for years, the Homeschool Expo will provide answers to your questions, lift your spirits, renew your vision and sharpen your teaching skills.

Never been to a convention before? You're in for a treat!

Learn from Homeschooling Experts

You'll enjoy listening to keynote speakers like: Andrew Pudewa, Debbie Strayer, Celebrate Calm, Rebecca Powell, David Gibbs, Christine Field, who share from their wealth of knowledge as professionals, homeschooling parents, and/or educators.

Free Workshops

You'll find a variety of classes and lectures - over 100 of them (I lost count!) on various homeschooling-related topics including:

  • "Getting Started" Workshops for those thinking about or new to homeschooling
  • Homeschooling Teens and Preparing for College
  • Dealing with Challenges: Encouraging Independent Learning, Large Families, Wiggly Kids, Avoiding Burn-out, Homeschooling the "Hard" Stuff
  • And more!

Timely Encouragement

The expo is organized by Randi St Denis, an educator, veteran homeschooling mom of 23 years to her seven children and popular speaker. Randi knows about education, homeschooling and how to encourage new and seasoned home educators.

This convention used to be the first weekend of August, but is now in hosted in May.

The 2014 Expo will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center, in May.

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Thank you SO very much for scouting out all these options for us! You do a great service and really support homeschoolers with your fine efforts! We are indeed grateful.
Jackie, Home Educator, Colorado

I just wanted to share a quick story on my journey to homeschooling.

After watching our three oldest nieces go through the public school system, and having numerous friends who have had problems with public schools, when I found out I was expecting a child, I knew I would be homeschooling. I started out by doing ALOT of research, mainly on the internet. And found dozens of websites with so much free information it was amazing, and a blessing!

And since he has been old enough, I have worked daily with him on the basics. As soon as his little sister is old enough, I will be working with her too. We haven't worked out a curriculum yet, because he's still young, but thanks to your website, I'm well on my way, and I look forward to watching my children learn and grow!

Thank you, Heather for putting all this wonderful information together!
Alicia, Oklahoma City, OK