I HATE Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse

by Carrie
(Kansas, USA)

Although Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse is a favorite homeschool curriculum with many, one home educator says, "Buyer Beware!"; read her review to learn more...

I hated the Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum. It did not impress me at all. We decided to purchase this curriculum (grades 9 and 7 - all courses), rather than staying with ABeka because of the price difference. We were also told, in the advertising of their product, that this curriculum was accredited.

We purchased Switched on Schoolhouse and started the program in September. The 9th grader was excited to use it. It seemed to be very organized, and very user-friendly. We had used this program for about 4 months, when one of the girl's hard drives crashed and she lost everything, including all 4 months of school. I called the AOP customer service line to try and get the information from them. I figured, with it being accredited, that they would have the school files in their system. I was then told that the particular curriculum that I had was NOT accredited. I was shocked! I had thought that they were. I had just assumed that, because you have to have the internet in order to do your work, it just sent them the work through the internet. I was sooo wrong. Anyways... I had to borrow a computer from another family relative, re-install the curriculum on that computer, and then go in and delete all the work I knew she had completed. Luckily, I knew where she had left off on her school work. Otherwise, I would have been guessing at it. After all of this had taken place, she was now two weeks behind on her school work. She has been working at it and is just about two weeks from finishing.

Also, I am a Christian and do not believe in the "so-called" global warming, acid rain, and greenhouse gases controversy. I have my reasons, of which I do not wish to state at this time. They discuss these "issues" at almost every opportunity they can. They speak of the afore-mentioned things, as well as ethnic cleansing, environmental problems and a menagerie of other "pressing issues" in our environment today. They also speak of carbon dating and other points of interests in science class. It is very overdone in their attempt to persuade unknowing children
to conform to their ideology. Neither one of the girls liked, even slightly, this year’s curriculum. Another thing, in their bible class, they do not really teach the salvation message. They hint at it, telling the students how to minister to others (which is great), but they do not go in depth on the teachings of Christ. The 9th grade curriculum mainly focuses on the books of the bible and who wrote them.

Something else, I had called their customer service line again, and asked who had founded the company. NO ONE knew!! Isn't that weird? It was founded in the 70's, yet no one knew who the founder was. You can find the president, but nowhere can you find the founder. It just doesn't "smell" right to me. After this year of school is over, we are definitely switching back to ABeka curriculum! I hope this warns people enough as to the dangers of this so-called "Christian" curriculum.

Hi Carrie,
Wow, losing all your work due to a hard-drive crash is so disappointing! I feel your pain! We certainly have had our share of computer mal-functions over the years and they are so frustrating!

As far as being accredited – when a curriculum is accredited it has been approved by a one or more third-party accrediting association/s. Alpha Omega curriculum is not accredited, however, Alpha Omega Academy is. I double checked their website and they have nothing posted about their curriculum being accredited – although when you visit their AO Academy site, they do state that the Academy is accredited.

When you use any type of curriculum software, most often the grades are only stored on your own system. Online curriculum allows you to store your progress on a server which you can access from any computer. Some software programs may have features where you send your grades in, but you will still need back-up your system so you won't lose your work.

Your review will hopefully be a reminder to all homeschooling parents to take time to back up their computer systems regularly, to avoid loss of important home school records. I know it has been a reminder to me!

Thanks for taking the time to share your Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse experience with others; your thoughts are appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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Jul 20, 2012
Thanks! But..........
by: Carrie (author of review)

Thank You, Heather, for posting my comment. I had recieved a catalog for the SOS and other AO curriculums. That is where it stated that it was accredited. When I called them, they told me the same thing you did about the Alpha Omega Academy. I told them that I had seen the advertised product in their catalog and they told me that they were so sorry for the false information. I had continually backed up the schoolwork, as it prompts to you on every exiting of the school page. When I tried, however, to transfer the backed-up school onto a stick or floppy disc, as I tried both, it said it had backed-up successfully. I put them in my computer to transfer the back-ups to the new computer. It said that the files were damaged and could not be transferred. Unfortunately, that is what happened, but, now we are not having any troubles with the software or hardware itself. It's just the contents now, that we are concerned about. I wanted to post this review so that others like me do not run into the same obstacles. I know that many in the world today believe in the environmental problems that I had mentioned in my review, while some out there do agree with me. That is my main reason for this review. To tell those who have the same beilefs as me, to steer clear of the Alpha Omega curriculum. I do not intend to upset or offend anyone who is of the opposite belief. I just think that it needs to be stated and made aware of so that those people may know the truth and not be sucked up and deceived, along with their children, by the false teachings of this company. Again, I thank you very much for the allowance of this review to be published on your website. All the best to you and yours and God Bless, Carrie =)

Feb 20, 2016
What most parents do because its smart..
by: Anonymous

Carrie I think it is very unfair for you to attack a company just because you don't believe in backing up your systems on a jump drive, external hard drive or some other location separate from your hard drive. If you actually read the information for the program it clearly states its backing up on the same hard drive that your childs information is too. Wouldn't it make sense to put it elsewhere? That's like purchasing a lockout kit for yourself and then keeping it in your vehicle. If you lock yourself out, your locking the kit IN. Anyhow we have used the SOS programs for children and all have gone on to be successful in their fields. Food luck ....

May 17, 2016
Thanks for the comment, but you misunderstood
by: Carrie Preston

I am the same Carrie Preston who posted the original review. I have 109+ hours of college for my B.A. in computer information systems. I did back up the schoolwork on both a floppy (which was used back then) and on a flashdrive just to make sure. However, when I went to download the backup on to the new computer it did not work. Now the software had said that the backup had been completed successfully but it refused to download. Since it happened on both media drives, I have to believe it was the fault of the software not the drives as I backed up the curriculum weekly onto the separate drives. Obviously, everyone knows that it is impossible to extract the backup from a crashed hard drive. It is hard for me to believe that anyone could be so computer illiterate, stupid, whatever you want to call it to expect that that would actually work. However, my review was not even supposed to be centered around technical issues but was supposed to relay the message of the bad content. The curriculum, at least the year we used it, heavily stressed global warming and other tree-hugger beliefs and they also promoted communism and socialism. Not only that, but their Bible program was sub-par to say the least. They taught it more on the level of an historical piece than the Word of God. Most Christians I know would and do not appreciate these beliefs/ideologies/philosophies to be taught to their children. In fact, most Christian homeschoolers homeschool to get their children out of the public school which teaches the same thing. Now, if you can't accept that or just don't understand, well that's not my problem. However, I'm happy that you are happy with the curriculum and that it apparently works for you, but my review really shouldn't mean anything to you because you obviously believe the stuff it teaches. My review was for people who have the same beliefs as I do so they don't waste their money and an entire year of a good education, because, in my opinion, it is not a good education and others who share my beliefs would agree. Again, thanks for your comment. Good luck and God Bless.

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