HUGE Homeschool Math Giveaway!

by Heather

A huge homeschool math giveaway is going on now! Do you know a homeschool family that could use some encouragement in their homeschooling journey? This holiday season, a homeschool-friendly math company is giving away $6,250 worth of homeschool math curriculum - for free, to 50 deserving families.

A+ Interactive Math, a multi-sensory homeschool math program, has been in development by A+ Tutorsoft for over five years. Hundreds of homeschool families have successfully used this computer and internet-based curriculum. (My daughter just completed their fourth grade math curriculum.)

As part of their social responsibility, A+ Tutor wants to give back to the homeschooling community - their $6,250 homeschool math giveaway is one way they are reaching this goal. If you know of a homeschool family that would be blessed by one year of free math curriculum, you can nominate them from now until December 25, 2012, through a special form on the A+ Tutor website.

A+ Tutorsoft will randomly select 50 families, 25 will receive their CD-based curriculum and 25 will receive their online curriculum for one year. Both the winners and their sponsoring families will be notified on January 15, 2012.

Also, all nominated families and sponsors will receive a 40% off coupon for any of their math curriculum products. The coupon will be delivered after the December 25th deadline - you'll enjoy the greatest savings ever!

Learn more about this Holiday Giveaway or nominate a homeschool family in A+ Tutor's HUGE Homeschool Math Giveaway today!

Have you ever used A+ Interactive Math curriculum? Share a review to help others and get something for you!

Don't have a homeschool family to nominate but still want to save? Save 30% with the A+ Tutorsoft homeschool discount from PEAH!

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