The HP Homeschool Discount

I love homeschool discounts; I especially love telling others about them. So, seeing an HP Homeschool Discount Ad really piqued my money-saving curiosity today.

Interestingly, the ad I saw was on my own website, Here it is on my website:

Homeschool Discount

Here's a nice close-up of it:

Here's a close-up of another HP Ad that I found on my website:

Homeschool Discounts

Pretty cool, right? I don't know about you, but a computer and printer are probably two of the bigger, if not the biggest investments you will make when setting up your home school.

Sorry, I Couldn't Help Myself!

As a website owner who utilizes Google Ads, I am not supposed to click on my own ads; it's against the rules and could jeopardize my relationship with Google.

However, I couldn't resist; remember, I love saving money and I love homeschool discounts and... I just had to find out what special savings HP was offering to home educators.

So click I did.

Once you click, you come to a beautiful HP website, pictured below:

HP Homeschool Discount

HP Education Discount: Exclusive Savings!

Taken from the HP Academy website, below are the details regarding the advertised discount:

"HP Academy offers exclusive academic discounts. Students, parents and educators enjoy exclusive discounts not available to the general public, and enjoy special rebates, newsletters and more."

College students, parents of college students and K-College educators can sign-up to access the exclusive discounts offered by HP. The only catch? When reading their "Eligibility Requirements", it expressly says:

Home Schools are EXcluded!

HP Homeschool Discounts

My first thought was HP changed their eligibility requirements recently, and forgot to update their website. However, after calling HP, I discovered it is no mistake. Home Schools and Home Educators are not included in their Education Discount Program.

Marjorie, the customer service rep I spoke with was very nice, she didn't know a lot, but she was very nice. After leaving me a few times to find out more information on this program as well as the ad, she returned and told me that if I wanted to buy something, she could arrange to help me out.

I asked if I could speak with the person in charge of the program and she told me there wasn't anyone. Doesn't sound right to me; HP is a huge company, I am sure someone in their marketing department knows about the HP Education Program... unless it's all a marketing ploy?

After making a few more phone calls, and a few hours later, another very helpful HP employee named Jonathan, gave me an email address so I could write a complaint.

I'm not upset that HP doesn't include home educators; a company can choose whom they want to market or extend special incentives to. However, I have a problem with misleading advertisements and on my own website, none the less.

Helpful Customer Service, But...

There is no HP Homeschool Discount. :(

I must say though, everyone I talked to when calling about the "HP Homeschool Discount" ad was more than happy to help me and sell me something; even offering me another purchasing program.

To me, that's not the issue. The ad says "Homeschool Discount" yet HP specifically excludes home schools in their eligibility "fine print". HP needs to change this ad.

HP is Not Homeschool-Friendly... Yet!

Giving the impression that you are homeschool-friendly without actually being homeschool-friendly can make home educators think that all you care about is money, and getting it any way you can; an image, I'm sure HP doesn't want to have.

Perhaps one day HP will include home schools in their educational programs, but until then I must sadly say, the HP Homeschool Discount is no homeschool discount at all!

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