How to Start Home Schooling
Your Child Successfully!

From Preschool to High School

Learning how to start home schooling your child may feel awkward at first, but as the days pass, the feeling will quickly fade.

Soon, you will look back and see the progress you have made and realize that home schooling is really quite easy – it just takes a little time and consistency.

If you decide to home school mid school year because of a bad school experience, you will want to take a couple additional steps as you begin home schooling your child.

You may want to notify the school authorities of your intentions.

Remember to be nice as you talk to them.

Tell them your concerns and ask for your child’s transcript and records, so you know exactly what has been covered and how your child is doing.

A friendly phone call, meeting or letter works wonders. You may be pleasantly surprised at the response and support you receive. Many educational professionals do support parents who choose to school their children at home. But unfortunately, many educators are opposed to home schooling. :(

Remember... homeschooling is legal in all US states (and many other countries). You have nothing to fear and can legally home school your child.

***Side Note***
I am chuckling to myself as I write, because I was trembling in my shoes when I gave notification to the principal of my daughter's private school. I was scared as I began home schooling and was equally scared to tell professional educators of my decision.

Embarrassingly, I admit that I actually started crying when I spoke with my daughter's teacher! Luckily, she was totally supportive of my decision and felt like I made the right choice.
***Side Note***

Know Your State's Home School Laws

When finding out how to start home schooling, you will want to learn about the home schooling laws and homeschooling requirements for your state or country. Some states require you to register, others do not.

For example, a few years ago in Michigan, home schooling parents could only home school under the direct supervision of a certified teacher. You either had to be certified in the state of Michigan to teach, or a certified teacher had to oversee your daily activities.

Many home schooling families home schooled secretly to avoid the officials in our state. They didn’t go out during the day and kept to themselves.

Thank goodness the laws changed! Michigan is now one of the best states to home school your children in. No reporting requirements, no registering requirements… pure educational freedom!

However, your state may be different. You may need to file forms or a course outline when starting to home school. Your state may also require homeschool testing.

Support and Encouragement = Keys to Your Success

Local home school support groups also offer wonderful opportunities for encouragement, support, homeschooling activities or enrichment opportunities – some essentials for home school success!

If you have read this elsewhere on my website, it's because I truly believe it!

I have been a home school group leader for ten years and firmly believe that the most successful home school families interact with, encourage, and help other families.

No one has all the answers. Sometimes we can get discouraged and we need a little encouragement. Other parents want to know how to start home schooling successfully and are looking for guidance.

Speaking of guidance, you will find some helpful information in the Homeschool 101 or Homeschooling For Beginners area of my website, to guide you through the initial set-up of your home school.

Keep your home schooling costs to a minimum. Find some free homeschooling curriculum resources and other cost cutting ideas too.

Besides my website, you can find valuable home schooling information for your state, specific requirements, as well as home school activities that are available to you, through statewide or regional home school support organizations.

Online groups are also a convenient way to meet up with, learn from and communicate with others when looking for information on how to start home schooling.

Some area home school support groups, like a homeschool co-op, offer classes to help you learn how to start home schooling, helping you eliminate the mistakes that others have made.

By sharing our successes and failures with other families who are starting to homeschool, we benefit others and find blessing, as we give to and encourage those around us.

You Can Experience Home School Success!

Whether you begin home schooling at the beginning of the year, decide to start home schooling mid year, want to work and homeschool, homeschool preschool, an elementary aged child, middle school or try homeschooling high school, starting to teach your child at home, can be done quite easily.

You will be joining millions of other concerned parents, from all over the world. Parents, just like you who have decided to take the most active roll in their children’s education.

It seems like daily, another home school success story makes the news - about children from ordinary families, just like yours.

Although most home schooling successes never make the headlines, many families are experiencing positive results as their children successfully complete their schooling at home.

I think we have yet to see the positive impact home schooling has on our current generation!

As you begin your home schooling journey, remember to have fun and never forget that you can do it! You can home school your child successfully!

If you have any questions about how to start home schooling your child, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to provide you some home school help!

Home Schooling with Little Ones

Wondering how to start home schooling with a baby in your home?

Keep your sanity when homeschooling preschool and/or older children with infants in the house! Find out what works for me and share what works for you too!

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