How to Homeschool While Working Full-time

by Jill

Working mom wants to know how to homeschool while working full-time. Read her questions; share your story to help her, as well as other parents in the same situation.

My 14 year old daughter doesn't like her school and wants to be homeschooled. I am willing to try, but work a full time job. Do you think that's a good idea for her to do this by herself? Any ideas?

Hi Jill!

Homeschooling comes in many shapes and sizes... there isn't a one-way-fits-all approach, and home education doesn't have to happen during the typical school hours. You could teach your daughter her lessons in the evening and then she could complete her assignments and reading during the day, while you are at work. This set-up could work well if your daughter was in agreement to being diligent during the day, under the care of a trusted adult.

There are several options that would work well for your situation:

1. You could choose curriculum that includes video lessons... this would take the burden of teaching her lessons every evening. You could use the evening hours to mark her work, go over any difficulties she had during the day, prepare for the next day's lessons, etc.

If your daughter struggles with a certain subject, software, video, or online lessons are a wonderful solution as lessons are more engaging. A couple of my children struggled in math, watching versus just reading lessons from a textbook, helped them tremendously. Video curriculum may or may not come with teacher support.

2. You could choose an umbrella type of homeschooling program, with teacher support and grading. Once your daughter completes her lessons, she would submit her assignments to her teacher/s for grading. Again, these services would
save you time and eliminate you having to teach each subject. Although these types of programs typically cost more, most are usually quite flexible, allowing you to choose just one subject, up to an entire grade. If money was an issue, you could use this option for subjects that would be the most difficult for your daughter to complete independently.

3. Another option would be self-instructing curriculum like Alpha Omega, or ACE. The curriculum is set-up so that lessons are written to the student. Each day, your daughter would read her lessons and complete the corresponding assignments for 40 minutes or so. In the evening, you would mark the work that was completed that day.

4. If there is a homeschool co-op in your area, your daughter could take some classes there. Co-ops usually meet one day a week. During the week, your daughter would work on her class assignments and hand them into the teacher to mark the following week.

Many working families work around all different schedules to homeschool their children. Figuring out how to homeschool while working full-time may seem overwhelming right now; you may go through some trial and error to find a schedule/system that works well for you and your daughter. However, even though you work full-time you can successfully homeschool your daughter... the biggest concerns would be: who would be with your daughter each day, and will your daughter be responsible to complete her work in this non-traditional school setting?

I hope this helps you in your decision process!

Heather :)

Would you like to leave a comment, or share some helpful how to homeschool while working full-time advice? Do you work outside the home AND homeschool your child/ren? Share your experience to help others!

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Feb 09, 2014
Say Yes to Homeschool NEW
by: Anonymous

I work full time and homeschool my high school son. Homeschooling is wonderful because it is so flexible. You can work on the weekends if you want or after work. We chose the Life Pac curriculum and it is self-directed. I leave the lesson plans for him and he does his work while I am at work and then later I help him with some subjects he had difficulty with. He works about two hours before I come home and then I work with him for 2-3 hours. It is not as bad as I thought. I wish you all the luck.

Oct 08, 2015
starstarstarstarstar NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Jul 28, 2017
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