How to Homeschool Myself

by Hannah Grube

I'm a junior in highschool and I've decided to homeschool myself because public schooling is not helping me learn. There are too many distractions in the classroom. I don't know where to begin, please help me!

Hi Hannah!
The first thing you will want to do is familiarize yourself with the homeschooling requirements and laws for your state. You can easily find this information on your state's Department of Education website. You can also find a easy-to-understand summaries on homeschooling websites like HSLDA or state support organizations.

Each state has different requirements as far as registering, testing, etc. For example: I homeschooled in Michigan for many years and you have the option to register with the state, or not. Most MI homeschoolers do not register. We now homeschool in New Hampshire, where homeschoolers are required to register with the local school district and submit test scores, etc.

Since you are currently enrolled in a public school, you will want your parent or guardian to notify the school that you are going to be homeschooled. They can do this by calling the school, visiting in person, or writing a letter. If you call/visit, you may want to write a follow-up letter so you have documentation for your personal records. You will also want to ask for a copy of your school records (transcript).

Next, you will want to decide on curriculum. There are many types you can choose, from traditional to online programs; cost varies depending on the program. From your post, I would recommend that you look for a self-study or self-taught program. Although an adult may oversee your education, it sounds like you are pretty motivated to complete your lessons and assignments on your own, without relying on an adult to teach you. Some software and online programs have built in grading and recording features, which eliminate the stress of keeping track of grades, etc. With other programs, you can choose to have someone else keep track of your grades for you. For example, some homeschooling programs allow parents to teach and record grades on their own, OR you can pay an additional fee and send your work to the school and have a teacher mark your work.

If you need some curriculum suggestions, let me know if you are interested in non-religious or religious curriculum.

I hope this helps!


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