How to Home School My Daughter

by Brenda
(Maysville, NC)

How to Home School Questions

How to Home School Questions

Concerned mom, who is also battling cancer wants to know how to home school her teenage daughter. Any help is appreciated...

Yes, thank you, I could really use some home schooling help.

I'm going through a lot of problems right now, I have breast cancer and have one treatment to go and my daughter has gotten in trouble for refusing to go to school.

She's thirteen and now she doesn't want to attend public school due to all the drama; I can understand that completely. I want to find ways I can do this for her.

It costs too much for these online homeschooling programs - I can't afford it at this time due to my medical condition, but I want my child to have this option.

She does great in school and works hard; she just hates public school. Can you help me please? It would really be appreciated!

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Sep 22, 2009
home school curriculum
by: dbennett20

I would search on the Internet under "free homeschooling". It will take some time and patience on your part but you should be able to find quite a bit. Bookmark any page you find.

Also, find out what your daughter is the most interested in, go to your local library and have her check out everything she can find that has anything to do with that subject. The sky is the limit when you start homeschooling.

Our son is now 14 and is trying to earn some money because he has found a gemology course he can take. We told him if he pays half then we will pay the other half. I contacted the school to see if there was a minimum age and they sent back a reply saying that they had somebody as young as 13 take the course. So, if he gets his part of the money earned we will pay the rest.

You might see if there are any special scholarships out there for children of parents with breast cancer that may help you pay for something. You would be surprised what kinds of scholarships could be available too. Hope this helps some.

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