How Much Does Homeschooling Cost?

by Amanda

Amanda, a mother of a 3rd grader asks, "How much does homeschooling cost?" She writes...

I was just wondering what the cost of home schooling is. I want to home school so I can incorporate religion in the curriculum.

Hi Amanda!
Thanks for posting your homeschooling cost question; many parents have asked that same question. So, how much does homeschooling cost?

Truthfully, the cost varies depending on the family. Some families spend little to almost nothing on homeschooling. (You can find many free resources online and at your local library.) While other families spend thousands on homeschooling; again, the amount you spend depends on your family and your budget. As you know private school costs thousands of dollars, so any amount you spend on homeschooling is usually a drop in the bucket compared to private school tuition!

The average amount families spend is around $200-$500. We have spent less than this amount on our whole family (four kids) to homeschool for an entire year, while other years, we may spend a few hundred dollars per child.

Without knowing your family's financial situation, or what curriculum or program you are looking into, I would advise you to budget about $500 for school supplies and homeschool curriculum. You may or may not use it all;
you certainly can begin homeschooling with a budget far less than that amount. If you don't have the money, that's okay, there are many ways to reduce costs, or homeschool for almost free. If your curriculum costs less and you have the money to spare, you can use the rest of your budget for lessons, field trips and other enrichment activities.

Were you looking at a particular curriculum?

Many families homeschool because they want to include religion, or God, in their child's education. Although it wasn't the main reason why our family decided to homeschool, it certainly is a huge factor in why we have continued to educate our children at home for this many years. :)

Before beginning to homeschool, make sure you familiarize yourself with your state's homeschooling requirements. You can find information for Missouri at the following link =>

If you have any other questions related to how much does homeschooling cost, or need additional help choosing curriculum, etc. please ask! I'd be happy to help!


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