Horizons Homeschooling Math Curriculum for Kindergarten

by Joyce
(Ogden, UT, USA)

Horizons Homeschooling Math Curriculum

Horizons Homeschooling Math Curriculum

My daughter loves Horizons Kindergarten homeschooling math lessons. I bought the entire Kindergarten package. Someone mentioned in a review that it was advanced, but I don't really think so. My daughter feels successful doing these math worksheets. Visually it is a good course for my child.

The teacher manual is rather redundant and I haven't used it much. I could have saved some money there by not purchasing it, although it does have some additional lessons to help emphasize the lesson in the child's workbook.

I believe overall it is a great course to get my child excited about math and look for 'math' references outside of typical worksheet lessons.

Thanks for sharing, Joyce! I appreciate your money-saving tip too. :) Blessings, Heather

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Alpha Omega Horizons Math

by Peyton
(Rutledge, GA, USA)

Georgia homeschooling mom highly recommends Alpha Omega Horizons Math curriculum because its colorful, thorough and...

We have used Alpha Omega Horizons Math program for three years, we are moving into our 4th. For our first year we used the K level and have continued using this curriculum. We will begin using the 3rd grade set beginning very soon.

I chose Horizons because the books are very colorful and the Teaching Manual is very thorough. To be honest, I wouldn't buy the K version again, only because it is very basic stuff, i.e. shapes, numbers... I would begin with the first grade level.

Both of my daughters have done very well with the lessons. Actually, we went on vacation for a week and they didn't do any math the entire time. The day after we returned both were in the school room doing their math because "they missed it". I will admit that some of the work is over-kill but I just cross off the things they have down-pat and don't require them to do it over and over if they've got it.

I will definitely continue using Horizons and will begin my next two at the first grade level when its time. Horizons doesn't go all the way through high school but I've been told by a friend, that used it to its last level, that her kids were able to ease right into other math programs and that they were at an advanced level when they transferred. I highly recommend Alpha Omega's Horizon Math curriculum!

Excellent review, Peyton! Thanks so much for the taking the time to help other parents learn more about Horizons Math curriculum; it's much appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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