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Horizons curriculum, published by Alpha Omega, is an engaging, parent-directed Christian homeschool program for young/elementary students.

This spiral-learning curriculum comes with teacher manuals and brightly colored workbooks filled with fun, hands-on lessons for your student.

Horizons is not a complete curriculum; subjects available include: math, handwriting, spelling, phonics and reading, health and physical education (electives). All subjects are not available for all grades but AOP continues to expand and add courses to the Horizons line of products.

Horizons Samples

To get an idea of the Horizons lesson format, take a look at a sample of the Horizon's Grade 3 Math student workbook.

To see the layout of the teacher's manuals, view a sample of the Horizon's Grade 1 Phonics and Reading Teacher's Guide.

AOP continues to add courses to this popular program - the latest release is their Pre-Algebra course for 7th grade. Horizons Math is available for grades K-7th but is not available for grades 8-12.

Horizons offers two electives for middle school - health and physical education and one for high school homeschooling students: physical education.

If you have ever wanted to see what a homeschool PE course would look like, here is a sample of Horizons PE Course for Grades 9-12.

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