HOP and ABeka Plus T4L Online Homeschool Curriculum

by Heidi Kerklin

Review of Offline and Online Homeschool Curriculum

Review of Offline and Online Homeschool Curriculum

It's Time 4 Learning with HOP and ABeka! Money-saving mom shares some helpful homeschool-savings tips, as well as a curriculum review or two for you...

I used this combination of Hooked on Phonics and ABeka homeschool curriculum years ago with my first homeschooled child. In his highschool years he wanted to try the public system and we were amazed to find how far advanced in knowledge he was. He is now 21, and in college majoring in engineering.

Now I am again homeschooling my 7, 4 and 3 year old. I am using the same methods this time around, with a few changes.

I buy the ABeka homeschool curriculum I so desire to use, and most of the Hooked on collections from eBay and have been amazed at how my cost was reduced. I have added Hooked on Spanish, Math and Writing. They also have a fun workbook for individual grade levels.

The newest Hooked on Phonics covers PreK through Second grade and is in DVD form instead of the old style CD and cassette; a much better approach as it stimulates the vision as well. My boys love it and it is working great despite two boys with ADD and one with Asperger syndrome.

I have also decided to add the time4learning curriculum as it is available for $19.95 per month and $14.95 for each additional child. With the money I saved by purchasing materials from eBay I think I can afford that much per month. If I find I cannot afford it or decide it's just not what I want I can cancel at anytime as there is no contract. NICE! They also offer a 14-day free trial. So far we are happy with it.

Good luck and best wishes to all fellow homeschoolers and a special thanks to you for this site! It's AWESOME!

Heidi, thanks for sharing your story and some great ways to save money on homeschool curriculum. I like how you look for ways to save money on certain products, so that you can afford to purchase others. Thank-you for your encouragement to other home educators, and for your compliment about this website; your input and tips will help to make this website even better. Wishing you many blessings, Heather :)

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Jul 18, 2013
Use as great supplement
by: Nita

This is a great addition to the Abeka math program. We purchased the monthly plan and use it for a 20 minute math refresher (used daily) when we are not working on our Abeka math. My kid used to be in public then private school and was used to having 45 min of math and then doing supplements after school so he is used to the extra boost and find Time4Learning fun. However, personally, I wouldn't use it as the only math curriculum for my 4th grader. He needs more practice since he originally started off with Abeka behind. This has helped but he does better actually writing out problems in the order he has to for each. He's used to doing some type of practice class after school like Kumon (he did it for 2 years and hated it) so this is better for him and he doesn't mind doing it after watching his Abeka DVD class.

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