Homeschooling Worries: Dealing with People Who Are Against Homeschooling

by SHolweger

Homeschooling Problems and Worries

Homeschooling Problems and Worries

Frustrated home educator shares some homeschooling worries and asks, "How do you deal with people who are against homeschooling?" Please share what's worked for you...

First off, I posted another story about people against homeschooling, and I would like to say I may have been a bit over the top due to current debates over this very same matter.

It just aggravates me. I have a certain few people in my life that like to butt their nose into my and my husband's business and it is so aggravating. I am constantly worrying about whether I am teaching my girls enough and all the regular stuff that homeschooling parents go through, but to have someone add to it is so very upsetting.

I am told and reminded often that my children don't have a life because of my choice to homeschool. It makes me sick! This person doesn't even have the right to be making judgments when they don't have any school-aged children and isn't even fully a member of my family. But I don't go around telling them their child doesn't have a life or they need to be better parents.

Then I have another family member that tells my children they should go to school to make friends. And that is just being disrespectful. They shouldn't go behind my back to my kids, but to me instead. My girls love being homeschooled and tell me they don't want to go to school even though this person does this.

Help please! How do I defend my rights against this? It is so tiring to have to deal with this in society but in your own inner circle is too much!

I chose to homeschool for many reasons but in the beginning I did start out with enrolling my oldest daughter in Pre-K and she hated it! The first week wasn't bad but the second and third week was a total nightmare. By the end of the third week she was begging me, crying and pleading, slapping the teachers hand for trying to pull her away from me and screaming at the top of her lungs. She has not ever before, or ever since then acted that way!

I spoke with the school counselor and she told me that she probably just needed more time, but that from what she has seen, my daughter didn't need to be in Pre-K anyway; I was doing well with her at home. She was already above her class level, so I took her out and discussed the option of homeschooling with my husband. I did some research on it and discovered that we wanted to try this for our two children. We go to church and this was a plus for wanting them to have a bible curriculum as well. Then all of it just became more and more reason to continue with and strive to make homeschooling work for our family.

Drugs and violence are on the rise in schools and that frightens me. Bands on having any kind of religious dealings in the school, is also a problem for me as I don't believe in the "we came from monkeys" theory and neither will my children. I also have two nephews who have attended public school all their lives and want desperately for me to homeschool them as well, due to peer pressure and bulling and one on one time with someone that wants them to succeed and really get what they are taught, not just pushed through the system!

The only thing stopping me from this is I am so concerned with the stress of teaching four students, and all the negative feedback you get with homeschooling and the costs, that I still haven't given in to their requests. Should I?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Most of our family members were intrigued by us deciding to homeschool and got on board all most as fast as we did but as for these certain people they tend to make it their business in which it is not. How can I eliminate some of this stress and worry as well? Thanks again for letting me speak my mind!

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May 06, 2010
Homeschooling Worries, etc.
by: Heather

Hi Sherri,
Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I think many of us have felt the same way at some time about many of things you are dealing with.

Dealing with people, especially family members or close friends who don't agree with homeschooling can be stressful. There really isn't an easy answer as far as what you should do.

I have written about a family member who was once against homeschooling; sometimes these people change their view, other times they don't.

At the end of my article I offer some tips for Dealing with Opposition; you may find some of them helpful.

You could also pass along some statistics and research to those who question you. HSLDA released a "Homeschool Progress Report" in 2009 that may be helpful to you when dealing with these people.

Because you worry that you aren't teaching your daughters enough, comments from others will cause you to worry more and will affect you more. People who are close to us know where our weak spots are. You need to resolve in your own heart that what you are doing is best for your kids.

I am not sure if you use regular curriculum or not; it is harder to gauge what your child is learning, or how they are learning, when you do unit studies or are more relaxed in your schooling. But if you are doing your "job" as a parent, your child will learn, although it may not be on the same timeline as public or private schooled kids.

I know many of us get "hung-up" with learning certain things in certain grades, but with homeschooling, it all evens out in the long run.
We did unit unit studies for years and I often worried we were missing important topics. One year I had my two oldest tested to ease my mind and they both did extremely well.

You can also ignore comments these people make, and not say anything; sometimes no response is the best response.

As far as homeschooling your nephews, I know that you believe in God, so pray about it. If He wants you to homeschool your nephews, He will work it out, give you the strength you need and provide the needed resources for curriculum, etc. What a wonderful act of love to homeschool someone else's child! You're a great mom, Sherri! :)


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