Homeschooling Works for Us!

by Marla
(Georgia, USA)

We enjoy many advantages of homeschooling

We enjoy many advantages of homeschooling

Enjoy many advantages of homeschooling when dealing with ADD or ADHD, running a successful business or when needing a flexible schedule...

When my oldest son went to kindergarten, I knew there was a potential that he was ADD or ADHD, therefore, I reluctantly asked for help from his teacher.

Not knowing how she would react, that was a great leap of faith. By December, she was in agreement that he should be officially tested and six weeks later, was diagnosed ADHD with a high IQ.

During his testing, I began to investigate other means of education and learned of homeschooling.

When his report was made official, I decided not to provide this information to the school, as I did not want this to follow him for the rest of his academic career. When first grade began, so did our homeschooling experience.

We are now entering fifth grade and I have NO regrets!!

Not only do we deal with the ADHD, but we are owners of several wonderful and flourishing businesses and travel quite a bit. Without the flexibility of homeschooling, our path to entrepreneurship would have been severely limited, as would our travels. Definitely one of our favorite advantages to homeschooling!

As we begin fifth grade, so too will we begin preschool and high school. Will all this be stressful? You bet to some degree it will be, but I have the peace of mind in knowing that I will be with my children and control what they learn and all that they will be exposed to as well.


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