Homeschooling vs
Public School:

When considering homeschooling vs public school, taking an honest look at each educational option, will help you to choose the best experience for your child. 

Homeschooling offers some great personal and educational advantages, but a disadvantage or two may exist that you will want to consider, before choosing home based education.

For example:

Homeschooling takes much time and personal commitment from you, as a parent.

You also will be totally responsible for providing your child’s education.

Nothing is more rewarding, however, than seeing your child develop and excel while being schooled under your care.

Other differences between homeschooling and public education are:

Smaller Class Size

Class size is a huge difference between homeschooling vs public school.

Your child will get personal, one on one attention instead of getting lost in a crowd of students.

When struggles arise, you can give extra attention to learning problems or difficulties before moving on to harder material.

Many times in public school classrooms, children get left behind or don’t do as well because there just isn’t enough time to give personal attention to each student.

Less Peer Pressure

Peer pressure affects all children. It is everywhere – even in homeschooling circles.

However, homeschooling allows you more time to reinforce your child’s self-esteem or personal worth, without the constant bantering from heartless or uncaring peers.

More Control Over Education

As a home educator you have more control over what your children learn. You decide what your child learns, what curriculum you use, and how your school is set up.

Religion Allowed

You can pray in your home school, if you want. You can read the Bible, talk about God and teach with a Christian worldview.

Less Wasted Time

You will find there is less wasted time during the day in homeschooling vs public school - one of the great benefits to homeschooling!

Time used for changing classes, waiting for 20-30 students to settle down, classes to begin or progress together, lunch lines, and travel time to and from school are eliminated when homeschooling.

If my children complete their lessons early, they can move on without waiting for a huge class to catch up. They change from one subject to the next quickly and finish school sooner.

More Free Time to Pursue Interests

Homeschooling allows your children more time to pursue their talents or areas of interest.  Many opportunities are available for your child, to develop their hobbies and interests or compete with other children.

Increased Family Time

Remember your baby’s first steps? Or their first words?

Just like seeing your baby walk or talk for the first time, you will discover many more simple joys when choosing homeschooling vs public school.

Simple joys like hearing your child read for the first time, helping them overcome difficulties, watching them develop and grow, never missing a developmental landmark, seeing their amazement and wonder, or simply...

Enjoy one of the best advantages of homeschooling - a quantity of quality time together, in a more relaxed, unhurried lifestyle.

Public Schooling Pros

Public schooling does offer a myriad of after school activities, sports teams and enrichment programs which can be a benefit of sending your child to the public school.

All educational programs are in one place.

Public school parents bring their children to the local school for the day, where students can participate in an educational smorgasbord of classes, enrichment opportunities, clubs, athletics, and teams, etc.

Homeschooling families, on the other hand, have the burden of providing every educational need, whether through teaching, or driving their family to sometimes multiple places during the week, to take classes or participate in enrichment activities.

Public education is "free".

When you choose to school your children at home, you will incur some home schooling costs. (However, most homeschooling believe the monetary sacrifice is worth it!)

Professional teachers are educated and skilled to teach entire grades or specialized in certain subjects.

Worry about teaching subjects like algebra, chemistry or physics isn't usually a concern to parents of public school children.

Homeschooling vs Public School:
Which Option is Better?

So... what educational option is better?

You be the judge! :)

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