Homeschooling Using SC Virtual School

by Crystal Green
(Orangeburg, SC, United States)

Learn why one mom chose a free SC virtual school, after trying every private and public school in the area...

We have given every private school and now one public school in our area the chance to be a good fit for our sons, but NONE of them have worked out. The private schools were horrible because my kids are not from a family covered in money and materialistic items, so my oldest got bullied A LOT. (However, in the other people's defense, I have since learned that my son was partly to blame for it as well!) Then we tried a local public school, and the poor teachers have no control over their students. I know firsthand that they are not allowed to discipline worth a dime because everyone is overly concerned about damaging a child's "self-esteem." Let's not forget that teachers don't get paid worth a dime anymore. Our kids education is suppose to be the most important thing we can give them, but yet, we don't ensure that they are gaining it from our school systems?

So, we have gone back to Connections Academy for our South Carolina location. We have been blessed with wonderful teachers and staff to work with through their public school system. Connections Academy provides us with the materials and the lesson plans to use to teach our kids with free of charge. (Of course at the end of the year we will have
to ship back textbooks, etc., but they pay for shipping.) If we have any issues or questions, the teachers are an email/phone call away to help, and they do respond back in a very timely manner! We also still get provided the dates to do state testing (which we have to take them to, but that's only once a year.) We have compared Connections Academy against many other schools now, and hands down Connections Academy is loved by both our kids and us. We have more freedom and we are actively involved in teaching them and we can ensure that they are actually learning what they need to learn and not just learning how to goof off and hurt their fellow classmates.

I highly recommend this system for any parent who wants to ensure their kids are gaining the education they need. Plus they do offer lots of field trips so that the kids can gain socialization as well. :)

So, we're in for a long ride juggling two boys in homeschool and my daughter learning and growing herself.

Thanks so much for sharing your SC virtual school experience with others. Parents wanting to give the free SC virtual school a try, or looking for more information on Connections Academy will find your insight helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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