Homeschooling Summer School

by Clyde Scott
(Vancleave, MS)

Concerned father asks questions about homeschooling summer school...

Our 14 yo failed two classes this year in 8th grade and we need to know how to make those up with home school courses over the summer. She was not allowed to go to summer school because her grades were below 55, but high school said they would accept her passing accredited home school courses to move her on to the 9th grade.

What do we do? Where do we start? The high school counselor said she would advise us whether the program we select meets their approval, but where do we start with this? And is it realistic to believe we can do this in two months?

Thanks for any advice or encouragement you can provide.

Hi Clyde,
That's great that your daughter's school is willing to work with you.

Yes, it is realistic that your daughter could finish two courses over the summer. She would need to be disciplined and determined to do her work every day or to follow the schedule you set-up for her.

If you let us know what courses your daughter needs to take, we can suggest other programs that might be a good fit.

In the meantime, take a look at:
AOP - Alpha Omega Publications
Oak Meadow
Khan Academy

All programs will require your oversight, although some require less parent teaching-time. For example, some courses are student-led (a student can complete them with little parental involvement), while others require you to be more actively involved in teaching and facilitating the course. Online courses are usually taught by teachers or pre-recorded videos, etc. It is important to choose a program that fits with your daughter's learning style.

You will find many homeschool curriculum reviews on this website, written by other parents, to help you learn more about the above options. Other visitors may suggest other options as well.

Heather :)

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