Pick the Perfect Homeschooling
Programs and Products for Your Child

Choosing the best homeschooling programs and products can overwhelm and perplex any parent.

With the constant growth of home-based education, materials for homeschooling continue to increase, making it more difficult for you to decide what products to use.


1. You will make mistakes.

It’s inevitable.

But you can minimize poor decisions by doing a little research.

2. You can always sell your unused as well as used home school curriculum quite easily, should something not meet your needs.

Remember the saying – one person’s junk, is another person’s treasure? Unless it’s completely used up, the same holds true with homeschooling programs! :)

Products that don’t work for you, may work perfectly for another family – so don’t fret too much.

So, how do you decide if certain publishers offer the best homeschooling programs for you?

Ask Questions!

Some questions to ask when choosing homeschool products for you and your child:

  • Does the company have testimonials from happy homeschool customers?
  • Will the material meet the specific needs of my child and meet our educational goals?
  • Does the curriculum provide ease of use in a home setting?
  • Are materials used for lessons, etc. readily available?
  • Does the curriculum agree with/strengthen/support my personal/religious beliefs or worldview?
  • Does it incorporate all learning styles?
  • Does it address the different learning levels/outcomes of learning?
  • Will it accommodate or fit my family’s current situation?
  • Is the program easy to use?
  • Does the company offer free samples so you can try before you buy?
  • What is the company’s return policy?

Get Feedback.

When in doubt, get feedback from other homeschoolers who have used the educational materials you are looking to purchase.

Attend a curriculum share hosted by local support groups. You will be able to meet those who use the products you want to purchase.

The Cost Factor.

Is the program within your budget? More expensive or accredited doesn’t necessarily mean better or ensure superior results. Many homeschool families find great success without the use of any formal or programs or curriculum.

If you are just beginning to start homeschooling, it's important to know that home education doesn't have to cost that much.

Some home educators use a few quality resources and make good use of their library cards to keep homeschooling costs to a minimum!

Provide Flexibility.

The products you choose should provide flexibility and help you meet any educational requirements for your state. If you are only homeschooling for a short time, this will be more of a concern for you.

If it does not cover all necessary topics for the grade/s you decide to use it for, you will need to supplement – or just know that you will need to cover certain topics in your homeschool at another time. Don't worry, it’s easy to do when schooling at home.

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