Homeschooling Problems: My Daughter is a Social Butterfly

by kj

Homeschooling Problems and Curriculum Questions

Homeschooling Problems and Curriculum Questions

Do you homeschool a social butterfly? Concerned mom shares some homeschooling problems and worries she has about schooling her teenage daughter at home. Please help if you can...

My daughter will be a sophomore next 2011/12 school year. She's getting into more difficult Math, so I'm wondering what to do when she doesn't understand. She loves being very involved in activities, school plays, loves to act and sing and just be around peers. She's afraid she'll go nuts "just being around mom".

The students do various things such as cake decorating contests, student involvement with younger children, dinner theatres and just things not available with homeschooling.

She has participated in local theatres but they are very time consuming and the other actors are non christian as far as we could tell. She does play on a local volleyball team that is non-school affiliated, so that is covered.

She goes to a small christian school right now and has for five years. The problems within that school have caused me to opt for homeschooling. Unfortunately the drama with others students in a small school gets to be too much for her. It puts her in an emotional rollercoaster and she dislikes her school very much and public school is out of the question. Fortunately, she has been attending Teens For Christ and meeting new friends.

There are so many homeschooling options; do online, from a book, from a CD, who knows what's best? I'd think online would be too tempting to goof off and check facebook or something. Since she's used to books, I think that would be best. So, I'm open to your recommendations. Thanks much!

Hi There!
Homeschooling a very social child/teen can be a little problematic if you live in a remote area, or if there aren't any activities available or no other homeschool families living close by. Any student who is taken out of traditional public or private school will have to get used to schooling alone, or with only their siblings around. For most this is a small adjustment, but for social students, the reality of schooling alone may be harder to get used to, but they will adjust.

I would encourage you to look for a local homeschool group to plug into – specifically, look for one with high school students. Our family has attended a local homeschool co-op for years because I, like you, had a very social child who I took out of school and wanted to connect her with other homeschooled students.

Many groups have theater or drama classes and put on productions. Perhaps if there isn't a drama class/production available, you can contact someone who would want to help you organize one. Your daughter may also enjoy helping to get a group
of students together. Ask others in your church, or other homeschoolers you meet.

Often churches have drama groups that students can join, so contact other churches in your area too. Often these churches put on productions once a year – at Christmas, etc.; involvement may not be as time consuming as a regular theater group.

As far as homeschooling options, yes, there are many to choose from. Choose one that works best with your daughter. Many publishers provide online samples that you can try before you buy.

Online curriculum is wonderful and convenient, but also brings about different issues and concerns to deal with. You will need to make sure your teen is well monitored when she does her schoolwork – parental controls can help, as well as rules about computer use, etc.

Alpha Omega homeschool LifePacs are an affordable, easy-to-use workbook-type curriculum; a great option for first time homeschooling families who have older children. Lessons are set-up so that the student learns independently and parents aren't burdened with having to teach every subject. AOP may not be a good fit for all subjects, especially math. Over the years, we have used other math programs besides AOP and that has worked well for my kids.

Since your daughter may struggle with math, looking for a curriculum on cd, or online, may be a great option for you and her.

The last couple of years, we have used an online homeschool curriculum for math (TabletClass Math) The lessons can be completed online, downloaded to your computer, itouch, etc. Lessons are taught by a teacher that my daughter can watch. I don't have to worry about teaching her high school math lessons everyday, and she learns better by having math concepts taught to her. With all her other subjects, she learns independently.

We have rules in place whenever she goes online to do lessons, or research, etc. Our computers are in a public area and she can only go online when we are present in the room. It is an opportunity for her to build trust and show responsibility. If she breaks the rules, she looses privileges.

Perhaps if your daughter started by taking just one computer/online class, it will give her an opportunity to build trust and become more focused, as well as give you an opportunity to see how she handles it.

You can find other math curriculum options by browsing through the homeschool math curriculum reviews on my website.

I hope this helps and gives you some guidance. Feel free to browse our homeschool curriculum reviews section to learn about other curriculum parents use in their home school.


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