Homeschooling Preschoolers

Homeschooling preschoolers can be a challenge when you are homeschooling older children in your home.

I have never really done any formal school with my preschoolers. We enjoy doing puzzles, reading books, coloring, playing with blocks and working around the house together.

My preschoolers have always loved doing the laundry with me – they pour in the detergent, add the clothes and help me throw the wet clothes in the dryer. They also love to bake and help cook.

Homeschooling Preschool Challenges

Keeping a preschooler busy (or quiet) when you are homeschooling other children isn't easy. My greatest challenge the past couple of years has been keeping my preschooler occupied while I teach the others.

My older children get A LOT of attention from me during the day. As a result, my preschooler often meanders through the house keeping himself occupied with his blocks, cars and other educational toys, waiting for his big sisters to finish their school. When he gets bored, he bothers his sisters or gets into things he shouldn't.

Older children can be a big help with your preschoolers, but often they need to do their schoolwork as well. My preschoolers have loved to watch my older children do their science experiments or other projects. But sometimes little hands can be destructive!

Hands-on Preschool Fun

I think its best to have a relaxed attitude with your preschooler. Don't push them to learn or make learning too rigid. You don't want them to hate school. Learn together through play and other fun, hands-on activities. Preschoolers learn so much just by being with you and your family all day.

Some fun hands-on activities are:
Lacing Cards
Writing on a Whiteboard
Cutting and Gluing

(If you have other ideas, please share them to help other parents who are homeschooling preschoolers. I need some ideas too... this school year is getting rather long!)

Best Time for Schooling Preschoolers

The best time for teaching preschoolers is whenever they are awake and ready to learn. Some children won't want to do anything for awhile but play with their toys; others will want to color, read books with you, or participate in more organized learning.

My son seems to like to do his "school" before breakfast. Although, today as I write, he doesn't want to do at all! (Update: He just came up to me - about 30 minutes after he said he didn't want to do school, and asked if I could get his schoolwork out... so, a preschooler's mood changes quickly and often!)

He will work on his projects again after breakfast and then will want to go play. He plays happily for quite awhile and then will come back to the table to do more school. When he tires of it, he's free to go, or move onto something else. I don't push "school" with him... there's lots of time for that when he gets older.

Here he is doing his "schoolwork". He actually sat long enough for me to get the camera out and take his picture. :)

Preschool Tips and Ideas Needed!

Homeschooling multiple children from different age levels is difficult enough. Throw a preschooler and infant into the mix and homeschooling parents can quickly lose their sanity. :(

Have you found success when homeschooling preschool and/or older children with an infant in your classroom?

What works for you? Please share your preschool tips and ideas!

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