Homeschooling News: Jesus Was at Dairy Queen Today!

by Heather
(Southfield, MI)

Homeschooling Benefits: Caring Character

Homeschooling Benefits: Caring Character

Here is a little encouraging story regarding two homeschooling girls, affecting their community and making a difference...

Becky and I went to DQ today, and when we were sitting outside eating our blizzards this elderly lady walked past us. She stopped and talked with us about homeschooling and how smart our parents were with what was going on in schools these days. She seemed very cheerful and happy.

She went in the Dairy Queen, still smiling, though slow because she was using a cane. About five or so minutes she came out of DQ with a "small" blizzard in her hand.

She looked at us with a half smile and said, "Guess what? I got one too!" Then she took a couple steps and said, "I hope you enjoy many blizzards in your lifetime, and savor every one."

Her smile disappeared and tears started to come.

She said, "This is the last Blizzard that I am ever going to have."

She had 100 pounds of bad fluids in her body that she has had her whole life, and so now she was going on a diet called Hallelujah! diet. She said the way she sees it is, Hallelujah if it works, or Hallelujah if it doesn't and she joins the Lord in heaven.

Her doctor told her she could have one last thing before they put her on her diet and medication, so she asked if she could have a Dairy Queen Blizzard as her last thing.

Her doctor said, "Yes".

She was still crying.

As she turned to get in her car, I asked her if I could give her a hug.

The look on her face was pure joy.

"Yes! Yes! Yes please! Thank you!" So Becky and I gave her a hug.

As we turned to go sit back down in our chairs, she asked if we could call her by her first name, Karol.

Then I asked her if I could pray for her.

She said, "Yes! when you pray for me, please call me Karol. Karol! Thank you! Thank you!"

I said, "Let's pray right now." As I said that, two women walked up to us and said that they were going to pray for her too.

It turned out they were both from Word of Faith (a church near our home). One of the ladies said a scripture verse and asked us to join hands. She said, "Where two or three are gathered in prayer, there the Lord is with them."

We held hands and all prayed for Karol.

After we prayed, we all gave her a hug and then Becky and I went back to our ice cream. Karol got in her car and just sat there. As we finished our ice cream and got up to go, she called me over and said:

"I just finished thanking God for your beautiful faces. You have put joy and contentment in my heart and I want to thank you," She started crying again, so I walked around the car and through the window gave her another hug.

Then she said, "Thank you, thank you, I was reminded of Jesus Christ when I saw you today. Thank you, and give your parents a hug for me for raising you right."


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