Homeschooling MyTenth Grader Mid Year

by Kirsten J Burks

My tenth grader is in her last trimester for the year. Due to excessive absences from health related issues and a learning disability (which our public school is NOT helpful meeting her needs) combined with educators who don't "mesh" with my child, I am going to homeschool her.

I need to get her back on track as she has a goal to graduate with her class in 2013. HELP!! I am willing and able to start now and go all summer, but where to begin! I am a single mom with a VERY limited budget, so any tips and money saving ideas are welcomed! Thank-you for your input!

Hi Kirsten!
Here is a post from another mom needing help with homeschooling mid-year and asking a similar question about curriculum; you will find a list of curriculum options on that page.

Just FYI... since you are in Michigan, you are not required to register with the state, so you don't need to worry about registering.

As far as curriculum and starting mid-year:

Most large curriculum companies offer placement tests - some are free, some are not. Placement tests will help you know exactly where your daughter will fit in their program. This will help you know exactly what to purchase and will eliminate wasted money on curriculum you won't use.

You could have your daughter take a placement test and then look for used courses to save money. Some parents begin homeschooling and then end up quitting, or changing curriculum because the program wasn't a good
fit. You will find lots of used curriculum where only the beginning of the course is used - you want the middle and end, so it won't matter if the beginning workbooks, etc. are used.

Alpha Omega is a curriculum publisher (Christian materials) that is a great curriculum for starting mid-year or mid-term. They offer free placement tests. With their LifePac curriculum, you will only purchase the workbooks you need (they cost about $4 per book, or so) to finish off the course or grade. (ACE PACES curriculum is another curriculum that is set-up like Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum; both are bible-based, if that isn't a problem for you.)

You can find lots of used curriculum on sites like ebay. is another place to look for used curriculum, as well as, but you will need to know what you are buying.

Look for a homeschool support group in your area - many homeschool families are willing to loan their curriculum to others. Groups also have used curriculum fairs where you can purchase used materials inexpensively.

INCH - a statewide homeschool support group in Michigan is hosts a Michigan homeschooling convention in May of each year. You will find a vendor hall with lots of curriculum companies, as well as a used curriculum bookfair and seminars for new homeschooling parents.

I hope this helps you. If you have other questions, please let me know.

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