Homeschooling Math Review: "Geometry" by Harold R. Jacobs

by Colleen Busch
(Keizer, Oregon)

Jacobs Geometry Homeschooling Math Curriculum

Jacobs Geometry Homeschooling Math Curriculum

Teaching Geometry to my second child back in the mid-90's was a scheduling nightmare! The homeschooling math curriculum we started with was geared to the classroom, as most curriculums were back then. My daughter couldn't get the hang of all the notebooks we were to keep the postulates, rules, etc. in. We gave up after a month.

So, when it came to the third child's turn to learn this logical subject, I began asking other homeschoolers what they used. One mom told me about "Jacobs Geometry" homeschooling math curriculum at a debate class our children were taking. She brought the book, I perused it and was hooked!

Beginning with the basics of logic, itself (which we were listening to from the other room, as well), Jacobs lays a foundation of deductive reasoning upon which the rest of the course is built. Scattered throughout are B.C. comics, full of "logical" humor. Seeing the light turn on for geometry and logical thinking was exciting. Now our 6th daughter will begin studying Harold R. Jacobs' "Geometry" this year.

Veritas Press includes this text in their 8th grade curriculum. We use it in the 9th or 10th grade and have found it very worthwhile.

Thanks for the homeschooling math curriculum review, Colleen; your thoughts are appreciated and helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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