Homeschooling Math During the Summer

Homeschooling Math Questions

Homeschooling Math Questions

I have a question, I have a daughter getting ready to enter the 10th grade. She is enrolled in school full time, however, she would like to be able to receive an adv. acad. dip. and is behind in math.

I have never homeschooled, however, would like to do Alegebra I over the summer. She will be away for three weeks and I don't know if that still allows enough time to complete the course. Also, I need to supply her school with a curriculum and materials being used.

I have one call in to Heartland Homeschooling, however, like i said i am very unfamiliar and could use some guidance. I just want to help my daughter excel.

A few easy-to-use homeschooling math programs that you could use over the summer are:
Teaching Textbooks
TabletClass Math

Each program does NOT rely on parents teaching the class. The math lessons are done either online or through dvd lessons that a student watches.

I highly recommend all three of these programs. My daughter who just graduated from high school used TabletClass for Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry. She used to struggle in math and enjoyed the TabletClass format. She was able to go as fast or as slow as she needed and completed both Algebra 2 and Geometry in half a year.

With determination and self-discipline, your daughter could complete Algebra 1 this summer.


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