Choosing a Homeschooling Magazine

I love getting good things in the mail – a friendly note, an invitation, money or a good homeschooling magazine! If you're like me, staying focused and joyful about homeschooling every day of the week isn't easy; the days get long, my motivation wanes and my enthusiasm can easily turn to apathy.

Staying continually motivated or having an endless list of creative ideas isn’t normal, but it is possible with a daily dose of encouraging words and faithful support of others.

Friends, family members and your faith can help you continue to homeschool even when life gets difficult, problems arise or homeschooling gets hard.

When no one is around, the written word can speak powerfully to your searching soul.

I love learning from those who can take timeless truths and apply them to everyday circumstances and situations, don’t you? What if you could get all your favorite friends, authors and experts together in one place, each spending a few moments one-on-one with you?

You would discover new ideas to enrich your child's education, learn different ways to teach and find creative solutions to your problems! Did you know you can find this and more, inside the covers of a homeschooling magazine?

Choices, Choices, Choices!

You'll find a variety of magazines geared specifically towards homeschoolers. All focus on the many issues of home education and teaching children at home; each offers their own unique style. You'll easily find an abundance of information and interesting ideas; choosing a favorite publication is the hard part.

To help with your selection process, I've highlighted the most popular homeschooling magazines for you.

Home Education Magazine

homeschooling magazine

If you're looking for a non-religious homeschooling magazine, Home Education Magazine (HEM) may provide the updates you want. Published since 1983, Home Education Magazine wears the medal for being the oldest homeschooling magazine and the original founders, Mark and Helen Hegener continue to oversee the publication today.

HEM provides an extensive selection of articles covering a wide range of topics to help keep you up-to-date and aware of homeschooling issues. Articles are written by Linda Dobson, Helen Hegener, other homeschool parents, as well as various industry professionals.

Home Education Magazine Savings
HEM offers an online discount off the regular subscription rate of $32.00; a yearly subscription includes six issues.

Home School Enrichment

homeschooling magazine homeschool enrichment

Publishers Frank and Kari Lewis, together with their homeschooling sons, Matthew and Jonathan, want to reach and encourage homeschooling families.

Through their Christian homeschooling magazine, Home School Enrichment, you will find encouraging, inspiring and uplifting articles to enrich your life and your home education endeavor.

Contributing writers include Kym Wright, Kari Lewis and more; all write on a variety of topics that will encourage and motivate you as your teach your children at home.

The current discounted subscription rate for six issues is $22.

Home School Enrichment Savings
Besides a regular print magazine, Home School Enrichment also offers a FREE digital subscription, for a limited time.

When you sign-up you will discover a wonderful opportunity to save! You can add a print subscription for just $8.67! Although, digital versions are nice, nothing compares to the real hold-it-in-your-hand, take-it-with-you-wherever-you-go, edition.

Homeschooling Today Magazine

homeschooling today magazine

Written from a distinctly Christian perspective, Homeschooling Today has been encouraging homeschool families since 1992. Published by homeschooling parents, Steve and Kara Murphy, this magazine offers relevant articles to help you disciple your growing family.

Jane Claire Lambert, Dr RC Sproul Jr and other homeschool parents, provide helpful insight into current issues that affect homeschooling families today.

The yearly subscription rate is $22 and includes six issues.

Homeschooling Today Savings
Need to save money and don't mind reading online? Homeschooling Today offers a digital version of the print magazine at a fraction of the cost ($14).

Home School Digest

home school digest homeschooling magazine

Published quarterly by Wisdom's Gate Publishing Company, the Home School Digest homeschooling magazine has been equipping and encouraging Christian families for over eighteen years.

Skeet Savage is a veteran home educator of six homeschool graduates. You will find thought-provoking articles written by a variety of people to help you in raising and educating your children.

Something you won't find in this homeschooling magazine is a lot of distracting advertisements; HSD devotes a section at the end for ads, so you can read, learn and digest the articles without constant visual interruptions.

Home School Digest Savings
Currently, Home School Digest is offering a wonderful opportunity to homeschoolers. You can purchase a one year subscription for $20 and give a second subscription to a friend for free! Or, if you can't afford the $20 suggested price, you can give what you can afford.

What a blessing that is to those of us who are struggling to make it on one income, or who have family members out of work. Thanks Home School Digest!

Practical Homeschooling

practical homeschooling magazine

Mary Pride and her family have been publishing Practical Homeschooling (PHS) and encouraging Christian homeschooling families since 1993.

You'll find an extensive list of articles written by homeschool heavy-weights and experts like Mary Pride, Janice VanCleave, Melissa Morgan, Sam Blumenfeld, and Cathy Duffy. PHS articles cover a wide range of homeschooling topics that are sure to motivate and inspire you in your educational journey.

Practical Homeschooling Magazine is delivered to your home five times during the year and costs $17.95 for a yearly subscription. You won't have to worry about wasted money either, if you are not completely satisfied with your subscription, PHS offers a full refund for all unmailed issues.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

tos homeschooling mag

Inspiration ideas, biblical encouragement and encouraging stories fill the pages of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (TOS), published by husband and wife team, Paul and Gena Suarez.

Each issue features articles written by homeschooling experts like Dr. Raymond Moore, Dr. Ruth Beechick, Dr. Brian Ray, Debra Bell, Diana Waring, Susan Wise Bauer and more.

You will learn and laugh as homeschool parents from around the globe share their stories with you, and help guide you through the often uncertain waters of raising and schooling families for Christ.

TOS Homeschool Savings
A regular yearly print subscription to TOS costs $25. Use coupon code: PEAH to receive a 25% discount off the regular subscription price. (US subscriptions only.)

TOS also offers a digital subscription, for $12.95 – 50% off the print edition.

Learn more about this popular Christian homeschool magazine.

More About Homeschool Magazines

If you are looking for home school support, homeschool magazines offer a convenient solution to busy homeschooling parents, anytime and anywhere!

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