Homeschooling Learning Disabilities Questions

by Chris

Concerned mom has questions about homeschooling learning disabilities and using state homeschool programs...

I have a son, he has learning difficulties, dylsexia, adhd, and is on the autism spectrum (very high functioning). He will soon be 12 and is in the 5th grade at a private school for children with his needs. He is doing better in some areas, however, continues to struggle greatly, academically and socially. There are problems with bullying even with a school of only 40 students.

We have thought about homeschooling on many occasions, but I find it very frightening. I want to make sure he gets everything he needs. I do not even know where to begin. He has an IEP. I have researched a free, homeschool alternative through our states school system that provides everything we would need. It would need to be free or very inexpensive for me to do this. They say they will adapt the program to his needs based on his IEP. He was unable to thrive, or frankly, learn at all in the school system previously.

What are your thoughts: 1. on homeschooling my child who has learning disabilities and social issues, and 2. going through the state homeschool program (connections).

Hi Chris,
For most parents just starting out, homeschooling causes some level of anxiety; it's normal to feel as you do, even more so, since you also have a child with learning disabilities. Don't let your feelings stop you, though!

Many, many parents successfully homeschool children will all types of learning difficulties and problems. Is it always easy? No, but it is more than worth the effort! Some of these families go at it alone, without state aid, while others utilize resources from local schools or available programs in their area.

I am not against using a state homeschool program to help meet the needs of a child who needs special services, or more specialized care. If using such a service gave you the confidence you need to bring your son home to learn, I would encourage you to use it. However, don't doubt your ability to educate your son, or think this is the only program you can use; there are many affordable options that you can choose from.

As you get more comfortable with homeschooling, you will feel more confident. You may decide to abandon the state homeschooling program altogether and look for other ways, opportunities, and available special needs homeschooling resources, to help your son.

Most homeschooling curriculum can be adapted to meet the needs of a student, their situation, or learning style. I would suggest learning through unit studies. Lapbooking is also a fun, hands-on method for recording science, geography, and history lessons.

I hope this helps you in your decision process. You can do this, Chris!

Heather :)

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