Homeschooling is Bad for a Lot of Reasons

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Homeschooling is bad for a lot of reasons. One is that kids don't learn what they are supposed to, it is not good for kids to have the same "teachers" year after year, they are not socialized in a good way, and if parents think that it is more work than being a responsible parent sending their child to school, that is just more irresponsible idea spreading on their part. This website is obviously trying to aggrandize home schooling -- how sad for poorly served kids. Parents who homeschool should be ashamed of themselves -- putting their own selfish interests ahead of their kids' interests and needs.

Thanks for sharing your OPINION; you mention quite a number of homeschooling myths. Many others have the same beliefs, but if you have an open mind and do a little research, you’ll discover the truth. Sincerely, Heather

PS The original title of your post was "high school teacher mathematics"; the subject of your post had no relation to your title. Perhaps you are a high school mathematics teacher?

Attention Homeschooling Critics:
NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute), via HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) issued an updated report on August 10, 2009, about the academic achievement of homeschooled students.
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Aug 13, 2009
How Sad
by: Tsnys

How sad that people are quick to judge with no knowledge. It is sad to think that a segment of our population thinks it is selfish to teach our children at home. When the truth is that it is selfish to want our children to attend public school, followed by a hour or two of after care and maybe even a hour before school care...for the purpose of what?? That we as adults can have more play toys or better cars and homes. Talk about sacrificing the children for selfish ambitions. There are fewer people who truly need their children to be in extended care, and for those the services were designed just for you.

As for poor academics, there are some that do indeed use homeschool as an excuse not to transport children to school and do the actualy teaching. But the misinformation stops there, because on average homeschooled children are placing higher on standardized tests than their public school conterparts. If this was not true why are some colleges now recruiting homeschooled students??

Studies exist that show one on one tutor instruction to be far superior than mass education. Thankfully this option is now available to everyone in this country, not just Hollywood or the rich.

While there is much documentation/studies that support the ideas and benefits of will not be accepted by some until they see the "proof in the pudding". I have only one more critic left; like you, in my circle to convince that homeschooling is a viable healthy choice. In time the critic will see the proof. It just takes some longer than others.

As for children can socialize with all age groups of society...not just their own limited peer group. The wisdom that is available to them, because they can and are willing to socialize with people who wiser than them.

Homeschool, a superior choice!

Aug 21, 2009
homeschool families love their kids
by: pinqlady57

I dont like it when people think they know what my kids need better than our family. As grand-parents we sacrifice so our grandchildren can be Privately educated by their families. We are constantly confronted and told "that our kids miss out or dont learn." My reply is"The only thing our kids can learn at school but not at home is the very things we DONT want them to learn at all." Lets see, they can learn bad words, how to rationalize their actions, to think in gray areas, instead of in black and white, you know, right and wrong. Also my grandsons will not have the opportunity to become a sex toy for some teacher or school employee. From the day they were born they have been "HOMESCHOOLED" you know, how to eat, walk, talk, potty train, obey. Just because they turn 5yrs old, our family did not turn into blithering idiots, not able to teach them. And we have enough love for them to admit when we have to get them help in certain areas. You see we dont make a paycheck for teaching. What these kids do or don't learn effects our lives as well as the kids. Home many public school kids do you know that still live at home at 25 or older living off mom and dad. Public school causes kids to be dependent, family school teaches kids to be independent. I dont want to take care of kids till I die. I want them to grow up get a good job and help take care of us. I want them to become Honorable and trust-worthy men. Public School accomplishes that less and less these days.
Thank you very much for allowing me to speak my mind.

Sep 03, 2009
The Proof Is In the Children
by: mrsncook

I have to wonder why the person submitted a letter with no name or state if they wanted to share their opinions. If they truly believed this, instead of just trying to stir up trouble, they would have been happy to let us know who they are. Nevertheless, you know I had to respond. ;)

"One is that kids don't learn what they are supposed to, it is not good for kids to have the same "teachers" year after year, they are not socialized in a good way, and if parents think that it is more work than being a responsible parent sending their child to school, that is just more irresponsible idea spreading on their part."
Why decides what children should learn? One thing I think is very important is for my children to communicate in a clear way, with proper grammar. I would never allow a run-on sentence. I decide that my children should learn the presidents, which many people I know never learned in public school. I decide my children must know all US states, territories, capitals, abbreviations, and locations. Many public schoolers don't know there are territories of the US, such a Guam. I think it's very important for them to know all of their presidents. Many people who have public schooled don't know as many as my children do or as much about the presidents, first ladies, and their terms in office. I'm very proud of just how much my children have learned since we never say they can't learn something due to time, age, or supposed grade level.

How are they not socialized in a good way? Do you consider it good that children don't talk all day, don't get to run around, or are bullied? My children socialize with elderly at the nursing home, people of all ages at places like the stores, and help with children. They can order food, discuss sales, make compliments and complaints, and otherwise express themselves in appropriate ways.

I am very proud of my children, and of myself, for allowing personal growth. My 9 year old is in the same 7th grade curriculum as her sisters, because she wants to do the same things her sisters do. I don't tell her she's too young or treat her as if she's stupid. As a result, all of my children are wonderful young people who are a joy to be around. In fact, at their grandfather's funeral recently, they all grabbed tissues and comforted their grandmother. They were happy to help her during the difficult time, and I was so very proud that they are such compassionate young girls.

I agree with Heather that if you took just a few minutes to do some research, you would find a lot of evidence that homeschooling does work. Try Home Educated And Now Adults as a start.

Sep 04, 2009
not happy
by: amanda vowell

First and Foremost, I would like to say homeschooling is the best for our children! i've taught my daughter at home since she was born. i have recently made a HUGE mistake by putting her in public school. I am not happy by my decision and no one is at fault but myself.She has CONSIDERABLLY regressed since the starting of the school year. She is in first grade playing with blocks and buttons. for her homework I am supposed to read for her. My girl knows how to read, shouldn't she be reading to me? She does a variety of school work of at least 25 pages a day, at home. At school, she did 3 pages of work in a WEEK. Is something wrong there? Her respect and manners have also regressed. She is a very intellegent child, but putting her in public school is dumming her down. So to the anonymous I have investigated public school and I am not happy about the outcome. Anyone to say it is selfish for homeschooling must have went to public school for being that ignorant!!! I can't even have access to MY CHILD unless a have a dr excuse, I can't just go and pick her up to go to the museums or anything. So I am willing to admit I was selfish by putting her in the public schooling system. To you anonymous I find you very uneducated to call anyone that cares about their child's mind and well being SELFISH!!!

Apr 24, 2010
People against homeschooling!
by: Sherri Holweger

Why? That's my question! Why are people so quick to jugde what they won't even try? Why is it anyone else's buisness other than the parents and the children? Why can't you raise your child how you want and I will do the same? I don't go around telling parents that send their child to school that they should be ashamed for being selfish and wanting to get rid of them so they can do whatever they want and let someone else raise their child and teach their child. I don't push homeschooling on them and they shouldn't push public/private schooling on anyone else. There is parents that have told me, they couldn't handle it if their child was home 24/7, does that make them a bad parent? No, it simply is what and how they choose to raise their child. Homeschooling children are socialized by adults not other children, so they are more well-behaved that normal children. The main point I want to make is to all the people against homeschooling, it is our children not yours so butt out! Why are you so eager to make complaints against it, it isn't hurting anyone! Why not go do something useful and take drugs and violence out of the schools! Thanks

May 28, 2010
My experience with homeschooling
by: Melissa

I always thought that homeschooling was a great way to enrich children's lives. You are able to build a strong family bond and learn from the community. The children are not exposed to as much of the negative parts of life such as bad words or being bullied. I am the youngest of four and I was public schooled k-12. I am now attending college. I have a son and a very successful daycare business. I do not believe being homeschooled has held me back at all. I also believe that there are negative outcomes in some homeschool families and some public school families. Children fall through the cracks in both situations. The dissappointment for me comes from the example I have seen from my oldest sister homeschooling her four children. She chose to homeschool because she wanted to protect her children morally. However I asked her 10 year old to tell me what four plus two equals and her answer was a sheepish "I don't do math very well. Why don't you ask me a language arts question?" I could not believe that at an age that I could complete division and multiplication questions, she could not even answer a simple addition question. I asked them what they did in school. Their answer was, "we do our workbook". I later came over to my sister's house during the "school day" and found that she did not even sit with them at the table when they did their workbook. It is her example that has made me weary of homeschooling. I believe that many of the parents that do homeschool are willing to dedicate the time and effort to produce highly intelligent children. It is the ones that are neglecting the children that concern me. For this reason I wish that homeschooling parents would consider standardized testing. It is my opinion that it could only support the wonderful successes of homeschooled children and help argue for support of the choice to homeschool. In addition to proving that homeschooling can be a wonderful way to educate your children, the tests will bring situations of neglect to light for authorities to intervene. It would be nice if we could do anything to help children like my neice and nephews.

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