Homeschooling is Bad Because...

Homeschooling is bad because there are no checks and balances. Because no one *really* knows what goes on in your home while you are being 'homeschooled'. Because no one makes any rules or regulations regarding it in lots of states. Because you might have to spend the ten years after being homeschooled for 18 years recovering and trying to find out all of the things that were hidden from you. All of the things you were not allowed to know- about history, science, the world... I'm not kidding- this is MY experience. Not pushing it off on anyone else.

Seriously. I don't know why people should be afraid of things being a bit more watched over. I mean, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to hide. And if you are doing a kick-ass job teaching your kids everything and MORE then why would you be afraid of someone checking in to make sure it's all okay. I mean, for the sake of the kids that aren't in a right situation, other homeschool families should be advocating for it. But the truth is, they won't. Because from my experience, the families that homeschool do it for very, very private reasons. They don't want anything or anyone else getting inside their family unit and they don't want anyone or anything from inside their family unit getting out. This is from 18 years of being *very* involved with a fairly
large homeschool community in America's heartland.

I think it (homeschooling without accountability) is dangerous. I know it is dangerous from my own experiences.

Besides, if you are a teacher, why wouldn't you want to just work as a teacher? No one is taking away your rights to parent and raise your child, not the government, not the schools. Maybe you *want* to think that, but it isn't true. It just isn't true. And I'm so sorry if there are things you just don't want your children to have to learn about and know about and be around. Maybe they and you will just have to adjust to the fact that this is a big country and an even bigger world. We don't learn how to get along by sequestering ourselves away and hiding. We don't learn how to be more open-minded. We don't learn to accept.

Like I said, I am posting this because people need to see other people's opinions, and understand their lives and how a particular system of doing things screwed them. See, if you have a bad teacher in a public or private school- bam, next year someone else, another chance at it, another chance at learning. But if something is broken in your homeschool home, well the next year it is the same, the next the same, and so on and so forth.

Congrats to those that do it right. Heart goes out to everyone else.

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Oct 06, 2011
simply not true
by: Anonymous

Yes, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but that doesn't mean that every opinion is right or is even worth consideration. The post on which I am commenting is simply not true and the poster presented nothing more than his or her opinion with absolutely NO factual evidence to back up that opinion. The truth is that the actual facts lead to the entirely opposite conclusion.

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