Homeschooling is a Scary Choice!

by Tricia

We are considering homeschooling our son (10). I think the hard part for us is we actually LIKE the private Catholic school he is currently going to. We still have this feeling homeschooling might be a more rewarding way to go. I worry about the friends he's been in school with since pre-school and not being involved with them every day. Considering I'm talking about his education it seems silly that something like this would be weighing so heavily on my brain. Any words of wisdom as we tackle this huge life change?


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Jul 27, 2009
Socialization need not be a worry
by: Tanya

Many homeschoolers actually get more socialization than those attending school. If you concern is that your son will miss a certain group of kids, you could always include them in your family functions (church, family gatherings, parties and trips) and you could always continue to go to the school's events such as ball games and such. The other thing depending on where you live you can also get your son involved in Homeschool Sports league or even a scout group or extra curricular classes outside the home.

I did get my daughter involved in many outside groups one year, due to fear of lack of socialization and missing certain people from church as they did all the events. What I found for my family is that it was too much. We cut way back and the child is much happier and socializes with a broader age group of people and not just her peers.

My children enjoy talking with seniors and doing nursing home visits, and are not intimidated by talking to adults. I see other children shy from adults and flock to their peers. True socialization allowed my children to reach out to a broader spectrum of people and not be limited by peers.

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