Homeschooling in Texas Help

by Joyce Morton

Need Help Homeschooling in Texas

Need Help Homeschooling in Texas

If you are homeschooling in Texas, can you provide some help for this concerned grandmother and her teenage grandson?

I am trying to find out about getting my grandson into a free homeschooling program. He is in 10th grade. We live in Texas. Please help.

Hi Joyce!
Thanks for posting your questions to my website. Texas is a great state to homeschool in and you will find LOTS of homeschool support groups for families homeschooling in Texas.

If you are looking to homeschool independently, you can find free or low-cost resources in your library, through a local support group and online, through websites like

Many groups offer assistance to those who need it and homeschool families often trade or loan items to other families in need.

To find a homeschool group in your area, you can contact the Texas Home School Coalition - website:

Texas has free online charter and public schools - be advised though that these school-at-home options are different from homeschooling.

Texas Virtual Academy
Texas Virtual School

Hope this helps! Perhaps other Texas home educators will post additional information for you.
Heather :)

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