Homeschooling in Missouri: High School Questions

by Monica
(Ashland, MO - USA)

Homeschooling in Missouri High School Questions

Homeschooling in Missouri High School Questions

Concerned mom would like to start homeschooling in Missouri but has some homeschool high school questions...

My daughter is 15 and a straight-A student. She is increasingly demoralized by the entire high school scene and feels that she is only learning the minimum and may in fact be behind despite her excellent grades. She has tried to join after school sports activities only to find out that they push these kids so hard, one has to practically be Olympic material to get anything out of it. Band became a full-time job in itself with all weekends taken from July through November.

On top of everything else, all the kids claim to drink, have sex and drug once in a while and this was even admitted during a class discussion. Shockingly, when my daughter said it is possible to have a good high school experience without all this, everyone turned on her. She is disgusted and feels she has to either do as the Romans and perhaps destroy her future or be labeled a misfit and tormented. Terrible choice. The problem is I know I wouldn't be a good teacher for these advanced ages as I did not finish college. Is it possible to homeschool a high schooler without a degree? If so, how do we get started? Thank you for your help.

Hi Monica,
Yes, you can homeschool a high schooler without a degree; there are no teaching requirements for parents homeschooling in Missouri.

You have the option to submit an "intent to homeschool" to your public school district, but you are not required to.

You can find a summary of the Missouri homeschooling laws compliments of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). You can also find this information as well as much more on the Missouri Department of Education website ( Take some time to read through it.

You can choose any curriculum you would like to use with your daughter. You will find some great programs that do not require teaching on your part. You can also purchase additional services to help with grading, accountability, etc. You will find a lot of helpful homeschool high school information, other Missouri homeschooling questions, as well as curriculum reviews on my website.

Hope this helps!
Heather :)

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Aug 21, 2015
No worries NEW
by: Ian

Well, I don’t think that one need to get pass the college to homeschool a high school child. And there are no such rules in Missouri which makes it favorable for you. There are a lot of good homeschooling programs avail on internet which will be very easy for you to guide.

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